Review Is It a Scam

There seems to be many of these penny auctioning websites all over the internet i’m not sure if its a fad or its here to stay either way i want to educate people on how penny auction websites work from my perspective. I am not here to tell people what to do with their money i don’t like be told what to do with my cash so i won’t tell you. Reviewed

The date i am writing this is november 2010 so depending on when you join BidRivals things may or may not have changed. At the time i am writing this currently accepts PayPal payments. If you are going to participate in BidRivals I recommend paying through paypal. I am an advocate for paypal because they have helped me get a refund as customer several times. PayPal as many people know works closely with to make a long story short if you’re going to purchase bids at bidrivals(which I don’t recommend) use paypal.

Why I don’t like Penny Auctions

There are several reasons why i don’t like penny auctions but i will only list a few here. The first reason i don’t like penny auctions especially online penny auctions is because I think the game is rigged I am not saying is rigging their auctions but i personally find it hard to believe that they are not. My second reason is when i do my eBay comparison eBay comes out on top every time. First thing i want to point out is used credits on penny auction sites or non refundable, sure you can use those credits to buy the item but that defeats the purpose doesn’t it?

By non refundable credits it means once you purchase a bid pack and bid the money you spent now basically belongs to in the form of credits. So once you use a credit you are actually spending your money for a chance to win something. Is it just me or does that sound like gambling to you?. Whatever you want to call it now you get it the issue of the growth of penny auction website. The bigger the penny auctions member base gets the harder it is to win an auction. Then the other factor is TIME most of the winners of penny auction websites spend hours,days, weeks, month’s on the site. Some have made a business out of it. To me when it’s just not worht the effort

Is a scam

That being said I personally don’t think is a scam I just don’t think its worth the time. Maybe if you are going there just to have a good time than maybe yes. But if you are going there looking for a deal i would think twice. Please leave your comments about your comments helps others know the truth.