What is BidSauce.com?

Bidsauce.com is a penny auction website that has quite a few unique features. I am not an affiliate of bidsauce nor do I use them so in this post i am going to show you how bidsauce works from my perspective. I think education is key when it comes to online penny auctions. When you get to the heart of online penny auction websites you will clearly see that its nothing more than borderline gambling. I grew up in a Christian home and i don’t like gambling with my money, time or soul that being said before you sign up to bidsauce its a good idea to read my perspective on this penny auction website.

Is BidSauce a Scam? Is it Legitimate? Why are there so many complaints?

When i first heard about online penny auctions I could instantly see the damage these things could do. I personally don’t think online penny websites are scams but i do however believe they are not worth your time or money. Bidsauce.com has allot of complaints of charging people $149.95 just for joining. The reason i think this is happening is because once a person signs up to Bidsauce.com they are faced with a page that says “GOT SAUCE” on this page there are bid boxs and underneath these bid boxes(with the exception of the low $25 bid box) it clearly states “you’ll win we guarantee it” .

This is where i tell people its important to read the terms and conditions, not only that i want to point out that by them saying “you’ll win we guarantee it” they actually mean if you don’t win you can buy the item at the price they set. in their terms and service under purchase of bids #4 clearly states

“Neither Bids nor Bid Boxes are transferable. If there are any questions regarding bids or bidbox purchases please contact customer service.”

Another thing i want to point out is the bidsauce guarantee. the bidsauce guarantee will not give you a refund it merely will “replenish” your bids for free. Interesting choice of words by bidsauce “replenish”. What i am trying to point out is once you hand your money over to bidsauce.com its as good as gone.

Is BidSauce.com Fake is the game rigged?

This is why i don’t like penny auction websites. At this point i am pretty sure that Bidsauce.com has enough members not rig the game but in my opinion when these penny auction websites are just launched the game in my opinion has to be rigged. eBay.com made its mark because everyday people could bid on their desired item and only get charged if they win, eBay.com is more of a auction website for small businesses. Penny Auction websites in my opinion are more like corporate auction websites depending on the type of person you are this is either a good or bad thing.

eBay verse Penny Auctions

I could have an old antique chair and sell it on eBay when i list this item only the winner has to pay for the price of chair. Penny Auction websites remind me of  Wal Marts (I HATE WAL MART). When you go to bidsauce all it is really, is an online store with a marketing gimmick. The marketing gimmick being they will charge you the moment you walk into the their store(website) you will exchange your money for chance to win a prize(sounds kind of like gambling doesn’t it) You give bidsauce your United States backed currency for Bidsauce.com Non Refundable credits. They(bidsauce.com) then tell you to go and bid on what you want to buy each bid costing you a non refundable bidsauce credit.

The bigger the Penny Auction websites gets the more money it makes and the harder it gets for people to win prizes to me its just so ignorant. This is only my opinion again i don’t recommend wasting your time at bidsauce.com, none the less now i hope you have a better understanding of what you are getting yourself into.

Bidsauce.com Strategy

I used to be a Powerseller on eBay and when you are dealing with auction websites I always say have at least 75% of retail value of the price of the item. On eBay winning bids range from around 75% – 85% at times they go over or under that amount but when you are prepared and have an actual figure in your head of how much you are willing to spend you tend to have better results on auction websites. Most people approach online auctions sites and bid out of emotion instead of out of clear thought in a Penny auction website this type of thinking is dangerous, because in a penny auction website every credit you spend/bid is costing you actual money(non refundable credits).

Bid Sauce Strategy Make a Commitment

If you are going to participate in a penny auction website I advise you to commit and go all the way with one particular item, don’t bother bidding 10 credits here then moving onto another one and bid some more credits there stick to one intimidate your rivals let them move on to another item remember you already paid for your credits. Have the price in your head your willing to pay for your desired item and do not deviate from it. When playing any game the idea is to play to win and have fun at the same time. I’ve done auction sites before its a rush being in a bidding war the difference is that on eBay only the winner has to pay.

None the less I wish you all the best I don’t recommend bid sauce this post was created mainly for educational purposes I would like to make it clear that I don’t like people telling me what to do so i won’t tell you what to do I wrote this post for educational purposes meaning learn what you can from it please leave your comments below it helps others in their decision making process.