Review Is It a scam

At the time i’m writing this post its 2010 and right now my country is going through a recession some are calling it a depression. Whatever the case is people all around the world are looking for ways to both make money and save money. So when an opportunity to save money comes along most people are going to at least give it a try. This post is not intended to bash or the penny auction industry this post is made to educate the public on how penny auctions work so they can come to their own conclusions.

How BidStick Works

The sign up process for BidStick is quite easy and they give you three bonus credits to start with of course these 3 credits won’t get you far but whats nice about is the fact that no personal question are asked until you purchase more credits. There one thing I think everyone needs to know and understand about Penny Auctions and that is once you purchase credits they are NON Refundable. One the FAQ section of it states the following.

“Can I cash out my bids?

No. All bids purchased are non-transferable and non-refundable and may only be used by bidding on the Bidstick marketplace.”

Is or Penny Auctions a Form of Gambling

Personally I don’t think Penny Auctions are gambling, also whenever a person is gambling their chips can be cashed out even if only in the form of voucher with penny Auctions once you decide to spend your money purchasing credits your money is basically gone. The money people spend to purchase credits in my opinion mostly goes to restocking the penny auctions inventory.

Remember in Penny auctions like in any auction there can only be 1 winner and as most of you have already learned in most cases to become a winner you will have to spend countless hours in bidding wars. I personally find Penny auctions way to time consuming. Its less about the money for me and more about the time wasted. None the less if you have money to risk and lots of time on your hands a site like Bid Stick is a perfect opportunity to get your desired item(s) for cheap.

Are online Penny auctions Scams

i personally have my suspicions about online penny auction websites especially in their early stages, none the less people have been winners had a friend that won in a penny auction on his first go. He won i think it was 200 bid credits but from that point on he didn’t win again. nothing in life comes without taking a little risk.

I think their are Pro’s to joining or participating in a penny auction and i can honestly say i don’t think Penny auctions are going anywhere I just know its not for me because i find them to be too expensive and time consuming but thats just me.

Something Odd I found about

I read with interest google product reviews about what i found really weird was almost all of the dates were dated in December 2008 some were dated 2009 but i couldn’t find any in 2010 this can found here

maybe i’m missing something here I just found that weird.

None the less i would like to hear real feedback from users of good and bad experiences. Sharing your thoughts helps others.