review is it a scam

First thing I want to say is that I don’t like penny auctions. I wouldn’t have a problem with penny auctions if everything there was being sold for a penny but since nothing and mean nothing on penny auctions are being sold for pennies I take issues with these online businesses. If you go to a watch the bids you will notice that the bids are going up by one 1 cent, when in fact the bid price should be going up by a minimum of $0.59-$0.89. My point here is that the 1 cent bid price could have easily been replaced with points, credits or tokens. But of course if created their website this way people probably wouldn’t be as eager to participate.

Read the FAQ section before you sign up

I highly recommend reading the FAQ(Frequently asked questions) section as well as their terms and conditions before signing up just so that understand how they operate. I used to participate heavily in forums online and one thing that I used to notice in forums and that I used to laugh at was whenever something was a scam you would get people who would sign up to a forum just to let everyone know that something wasn’t a scam. These random people wouldn’t even open a discussion they would just leave a testimonial praising whatever they we’re recommending. I noticed this with and it’s something you might want to investigate before signing up with them.

The reason I can’t call a scam

The term scam when used to applies only if they’re not delivering their goods to their winners. I’ve received an email from one of my subscribers that claimed he didn’t receive his items from He told me that he won but didn’t receive anything. So far that’s the only complaint I’ve gotten in regards to People please if you won and didn’t receive your winnings please leave a comment below warning others. Working together is how we keep online companies from scamming people. Also please share your experiences good or bad below it helps others.