Bidvertiser Review Is It a Scam

Bidvertiser Review Is It a Scam? I put it to the test on both publishers side and the advertiser’s side seems to work pretty good but not better than Google AdSense. But really what is better than Google AdSense? As it stands right now Bidvertiser is my second favorite PPC resource.

What I don’t like about Bidvertiser

The one thing I don’t like about Bidvertiser is the process for setting up an ad to put on my website. I honestly wish the Bidvertiser setup would set it up similar to the Google set up. I find the Bidvertiser setup kind of a drag and also I find load the times for ads to be slow from Bidvertiser at times. Apart from that at the moment I don’t have any problems with them.

On the advertising stand point it’s a good option honestly it would be my last option at this point but it’s still an option none the less when I used them I was promoting a weight loss diet plan, it did OK I got one sale out of 57 clicks.

Bidvertiser verse competitors

Bidvertiser verse AdSense, AdSense wins, Bidvertiser verse Adbrite Bidvertiser wins, at the moment there is no other major competition that I know of that is better than Bidvertiser apart from Google at the moment. If you were suspended from Google I recommend either Bidvertiser or Infolinks

How to Get Avoid Getting Suspended From Bidvertiser and Others

Click fraud, click fraud, Click fraud, I know it’s tempting but don’t do it, a few days ago I received an email from a Facebook friend, this person I didn’t even know sent me a message asking me to click the advertisements on his blog and he wasn’t just telling me this he added it to his Facebook status, asking everyone to click on his blog advertisements. For those of you who don’t understand how AdSense and Bidvertiser works?

It’s a numbers game; PPC is a numbers game and both Bidvertiser and AdSense and all of the PPC engines know how much clicks a person should receive per page view. If you as a Publisher go over this ratio alarms will start going off at Bidvertiser and/or Google which will result in your account getting suspended or terminated. I don’t recommend click fraud to anyone it’s not worth it, it’s time consuming and in the end everyone gets caught, so just be honest.

Does Bidvertiser pays close attention to click fraud?

Google, Bidvertiser, Adbrite and all others like it have been watching publisher click averages since they started their companies. So if they see an unusual click through rate the bells and alarms are going to start sounding. Another thing many of you don’t know is that Google and possibly even Bidvertiser can track where your user came from, so if you’re using things like traffic exchanges or any of those get paid to websites there’s a good chance you’re going to get caught and get banned.

If you have a Google analytics account you’ll known what I mean. That being said don’t bother cheating the system of course many of you won’t listen but I’m trying to save you from having your account terminated from Google because trust me when I say if you have your AdSense terminated things start getting harder from there, Google pays more per click then some CPA companies pay per sign up. So be smart if you’ve made the mistake don’t worry there are plenty of other good companies out there and there are lots of ways to make money online. The internet is an ocean of money if you follow your passions.

Does Bidvertiser Pay

Yes Bidvertiser pays and has the lowest payout in this industry the unfortunate part is Bidvertiser pay per click rate is not the highest but at the same time it is consistent. Yes you can make money with Bidvertiser as long as you don’t cheat

Final Statement

Bidvertiser is one of the elite PPC and if you’re interested I think you should give it try

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