Review Is It a Scam

For the record the winners seen under the video testimonials are not winners of rather they are winners of penny auction websites. I find it weird that a penny auction website needs to reuse photo’s or video’s as testimonials when there are suppose to be winners daily. That being said in this article i want to give people a look at penny auctions from a different perspective. The reason i am doing this is so people if people join these penny auction website they can join them with more clearer thought.

Read the terms and Conditions/Service

Before you sign up for anything online make sure you at least skim through the terms and conditions especially whenever your credit card or bank card is involved. Also in my opinion if the option of paying using paypal is available i recommend using it reason is that paypal has its own phone support and also paypal helps protect the consumer in the event a dispute arises. Paypal isn’t perfect but they’ve been quite helpful for me. Reading the terms and conditions gives you the consumer a better idea of the business or service you are paying for.

Yes it may look like allot of reading but at least skimming through it can save you both time and money. Also in regards to the penny auction industry its also a good idea to read the site rules. Reading these rules is just another reason why i personally don’t recommend penny auction websites. Even people who recommend penny auction websites compare it to gambling. For those of you that have never been to a casino, in a casino the owner basically has all the power. If the owner feels as though you are winning too much he can kick you out or in this instance limit the activity to your account. On the website you can get an idea of what i’m talking about. I recommend visiting before signing up below are 3 of the site rules the date in which i am writing this is December 2010.

  • 4. Only 1 win of the same product with a value price of over $285 is allowed over a 28 day time span (e.g. you can only win a certain Playstation once every 28 days)
  • 5. Each User is limited to 2 auction wins in a 24 hour period. Periods run on a 12:00a.m. to 12:00 a.m. cycle
  • 6. Only 1 win is allowed per 28 days on items with a value price $1,000 or greater

Yes the an argument can be made about the information provided above but… Also remember when you are using a penny auction website you are paying with non refundable credits. Meaning once a credit is spent it’s gone and there is a possibility that you can leave a penny auction website empty handed.

Is a Scam

From my perspective i don’t think is a scam but i don’t recommend it to consumers. When you place a bid at an auction site like only the winner has to pay for the price of the item, eBay can be time consuming but at least if you lose the bidding war you only lose your time not your time and your money. Also using penny auctions doesn’t mean you are spending a penny to bid each credit is never just a penny so to me it’s just not worth it. claims it’s 100% legit i’ll give them benefit of the doubt. I finish by saying don’t let my opinion stop you from joining just don’t say i didn’t warn you

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