Joe Biden checks his watch during ceremony for Marines killed in Afghanistan Because Joe Bidens botched withdrawal

Joe Biden checks his watch during ceremony for Marines killed in Afghanistan Because Joe Bidens botched withdrawal

Big Government and The Mainstream Media Narrative – Why Fake Patriotism Doesn’t Sell Like It Once Did – February 26, 2022,

The mainstream media in North America especially has lost its credibility, as have many politicians, as they scramble to get it back amidst the war in Ukraine, more and more people are starting to realize that the ruling class is merely trying to get the naive to do their dirty work for them.

After the debacle in Afghanistan that had the current President of the United States obviously nervous and uncomfortable checking his watch during the ceremony, it became evident to observers how naked the leadership in the Western World was. Making matters worse, was observing political incompetence in real-time and listening to the mainstream media trying to sell us on how great things are.

13 U.S. troops killed in the Kabul suicide bombing many more wounded because of Joe Biden

13 U.S. troops killed in the Kabul suicide bombing many more wounded because of Joe Biden

Joe Biden who clearly requires a speechwriter, for every press CONFERENCE, Joe Biden a man who struggles to complete sentences, Joe Biden a man who often can’t answer a tough question without getting angry, is being presented to the world as the solution to our problems, by a media, that clearly has its own objective. It’s not like Fox News puts out the best content, but because the Pro-Joe Biden media puts out nothing but propaganda, Fox News viewership continues to skyrocket as people seek out the truth.

If you’re into economics, it’s abundantly obvious why Russia invaded Ukraine, Joe Biden as well as most Western Leaders have a climate change mandate, meaning that they’re going to war with fossil fuels. OPEC countries, China, Iran, and Russia have no interest in a climate change agenda, meaning that domestic government regulations on U.S/Canada fossil fuel companies engaging in Oil and Gas exploration are being destroyed to the benefit of enriching Russian oligarchs that don’t have to adhere to such ridiculous “climate change” political policies.

President Joe Biden signs a record number of executive orders

President Joe Biden signs a record number of executive orders

People who believe in sound economics can comprehend that leaders like Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau are financing Russia’s current war on Ukraine. Furthermore one of the reasons I believe Russia targeted no as the time to invade is because the U.S midterms are at the end of this year. The Democrats could lose a lot of seats by the end of this year and I believe Putin calculated that now is the time to strike just in case, the Republicans take back the house and the senate.

There was no way the Fake Patriotism narrative was going to work with people who understand economics, but now the mainstream media is even losing the common man and woman, who don’t like being constantly lied to and ignored. Joe Biden and the mainstream media are not only openly lying to Americans, but they’re also ignoring their concerns. This alienation, by the mainstream media regardless of how people vote, is exposing fake patriotism.

By fake patriotism, I mean, let’s say I hate the Republicans, that’s one thing, but the real problem is if I’m only voting for the Democrats because I hate the republicans, what this equates to is a disinterested voter class, who might be throwing their support behind someone or something, not because they like them, but because they don’t want the alternative.

Fake patriotism equates to a voter class, merely looking for something for NOTHING and these types of people, don’t believe in patriotism, patriotism is VOLUNTARY, I’ll risk my life for someone or something FREE of charge because I love my country. Currently, in Ukraine, there are people willing to risk their lives because they love their country, well if a voter class is voting for you merely because they imagine the climate is changing and they want the government to do something about it, the people who support you, for the most part, are going to be incompetent and disinterested in patriotism you’re trying to sell them.

This is the problem with partisan politics, and media propaganda, you divide the country and worst than that is in a Democracy the majority is usually looking for some sort of government security, the people disinterested in government security, will eventually become disinterested in defending the people who are opened to exchanging their freedoms for government security.

This division being stoked by the mainstream media doesn’t allow the media to sell patriotism anymore, instead, what appears to be happening is a Renaissance. a rediscovering of Patriotism, which I would argue is a cleansing of old ideas, racism appears to be dying, as more humans are starting to realize that they’re more alike than they are different, it appears to be a battle between State Security and Liberty and Freedom.

In the past, it was easier to sell people on giving up their rights to the State, but because of the overt incompetence of current political leadership, this narrative is beginning to change, and selling people fake patriotism appears to be the first casualty. Propaganda being seen as propaganda is modern, it’s never happened before in history, in the past, liars and propagandists could get people to commit suicide for a lie and also get parents to commit more of their children to sacrifice their lives for the lie. Not anymore, things are changing, humans are evolving and it’s a welcomed sight indeed.

Interesting times ahead!

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