Big Government Failure: Canada’s COVID-19 supports have come to an end. Businesses say they still need help, Federal Government Says, Sure We Screwed over your businesses, but our salaries are guaranteed, so suck it up! – May 7, 2022,

Via The Federal Government, The Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) will be available through 2023 to give interest-free loans to businesses in Canada hard hit by the Canadian federal Governments response to Covid-19. a quick reminder that countries like Sweden and basically all of Africa didn’t take the draconian measures employed by Canada’s current federal government.

A reminder that Justin Trudeau’s wife got covid-19 when covid-19 first struck and she recovered without any vaccines. I bring things up because it was the fault of the Canadian government that consumer behaviors changed which resulted in businesses losing sales. The Canadian federal government is NOT responsible for covid-19, but their response to it, led to economic hardships for all of Canada.

A lot of these businesses didn’t need the government’s help until Trudeau’s Liberals shut down the economy and basically scared Canadians into changing their behavior. He also still has enforced that unvaccinated Canadians can’t use PRIVATE services that the Federal government has decided shouldn’t be available to Canadians who haven’t obeyed his government edicts.

So again this is the Federal government interfering in the economy, with that said, Trudeau claims that he will be there for Businesses? Take from it what you want, but this is the new normal for the foreseeable future in Canada and businesses are telling the government that they need help? My take on all of this is that consumer price inflation is running rampant and the Federal government is NOT backing down from its war on fossil fuels.

So expect that Canadians are going to have fewer dollars to spend and businesses may find it challenging to get back to their pre-pandemic sales. When I say this out loud it sounds like a recession? Maybe I’m overreacting, but higher prices, more debt, a price rediscovery because of the new pricing models created by the government’s war on fossil fuels which are adding to the oil and gas prices, it sounds like a recession and possible depression.

What’s different about this potential recession is how avoidable it was. It’s not like we have a shortage of oil because the oil ran out, quite the opposite there’s a shortage of oil because western governments like Canada have decided to go to war with energy companies they don’t like. Now, if a business is borrowing money from the government just to stay afloat, what does that tell you about a business investment for the future?

You’d be wise to get serious about investments because people can get rich in recessions and depressions, you just have to make sure you invest where the money is likely going. Although the government is trying to force money in certain directions, if those companies that are the beneficiaries of the government funds aren’t profitable, similar to the “New Deal 2” the government in the face of a depression will have to revamp its Big Government plans.

So don’t assume that just because these carbon credit schemes are all the rage now, they will be successful, invest wisely!

Canada’s COVID-19 supports have come to an end. Businesses say they still need help |

Interesting times ahead!