BIG Government Tyranny Never ends: “Ontario’s top doctor🤔Dr. Kieran Moore” according to Global News suggests parts of Niagara’s back to school plan, not in line with the province – January 21, 2022,


First and foremost the title of Dr. Kieran Moore is Chief Medical Officer of Health, labeling him “Ontario’s top doc” could be perceived as Don Mitchell attempting to make Dr. Kieran Moore smarter than he is? Currently, Dr. Kieran Moore is a POLITICIAN who happens to be a Canadian physician, just because he’s currently in a position of authority doesn’t necessarily equate to him being the “top doc” how hard is it to address him by his current political title the “Chief Medical Officer of Health”.

Why I’m making a big deal out of something I imagine the reader might imagine as minuscule, is because politicians make mistakes ALL THE TIME and a lot of the decisions being made by all levels of government in Canada are coming from the World Health Organization(WHO).

Yes, the same World Health Organization that at times appears to be compromised. Now, if I were the Chinese Communist Party and I had some control in the World Health Organization, I’d do whatever I could to make sure that the Canadian economy is under my control? Personally, I’m not a big fan of Universal Health Care, because as Canadians we’re not only forced to take orders from our government, our government has outsourced part of its power to the World Health Organization?

Brexit revolved around the U.K having t take its marching orders from the European Union, meaning that when a person from the U.K voted for something, the European Union had the final say on how the U.K would be governed. Well in Canada, the World Health Organization is very influential in our UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE system and this creates all sorts of complications for physicians who don’t have the privileges of Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kieran Moore.

Now, you see in a private health care system, the government doesn’t have to get this much involved, but because all of this craziness is under centralized control, there’s a one size fits all approach being enforced and I’m almost certain every region in Ontario has unique circumstances specific to their region that makes Dr. Kieran Moore’s marching orders very difficult to enforce.

Now, if health care was privatized, we wouldn’t have every Candian feeling the need to run to a hospital every time they sneeze. But as we know most Canadians imagine that Universal Health Care is FREE, so what’s stopping them from taking extreme precations when they feel the symptoms that the government and media tell them could be covid related? Out-of-pocket costs, tend to equate to more people doing INDEPENDENT research.

If a woman wants the hottest selling purse but that purse is $1000+ chances are that woman is going to do her research first prior to ordering. That’s what people who don’t trust the government do when it comes to their health care. They’ll contact their doctor or seek out professional help, currently, Ontario doctors don’t have the liberty to prescribe anything to their patients that doesn’t align with Dr. Kieran Moore, who Global News calls “top doc”.

I hope Canadians will one day challenge this one size fits all health care system. It’s really silly when you think about it.

COVID-19: Ontario’s top doc suggests parts of Niagara’s back to school plan not in line with province |

Interesting times ahead!