Big Government Waste: The Rachel Notley 2016 wildfire in Fort McMurray is still the costliest natural disaster on record for property insurers in Canada – August 15, 2021,

So, we often forget the root causes of many of the problems facing Canadas’ public sector today. The Canadian government whether it be municipally, Provincially, and/or Federally has been growing and thereby divesting resources that would go into traditional government services and instead, engaging in vote-buying schemes for their political allies.

There are so many NEW government jobs all over Canada as the result of NDP and Liberal leadership and there’s a price tag attached to each of these newly created government jobs. Now, when these new politically based jobs are created, the public sector jobs that are often cut are the jobs held by individuals who could potentially pose a threat to the narrative Left-Wing governments are trying to promote.

I just want to remind the reader of the root cause of the 2016 wildfire in Fort McMurray

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley defends cut in wildfire budget |
The government says it’s committed to fighting wildfires in Alberta.
Author of the article: Mariam Ibrahim
Publishing date: Apr 20, 2016 | May 2, 2016

With that said, British Colombia has been far worse than Alberta, with destroying their private sector which otherwise would be a watchdog for many of these Wildfires. It’s equally important to remember that Wildfires happen naturally, but one of the reasons they’re happening in the manner they are now is because the profit motive for the private sector to monitor these Wildfires has been removed, while at the same time the public sector has been shifting resources to pay for welfare programs.

You see there’s supposed to be a PROFIT motive for the Public Sector, the public sector is supposed to generate its profits from the private sector and use those profits to make sure the private sector runs smoothly, but what’s been happening in Canada for years is that money sent to the public sector is essentially being used for UNPRODUCTIVE purposes.

One would think B.C out of all places, that taxes everything that walks would prioritize the environment it claims to love. It’s equally important to remember that B.C is Canada’s richest province and by default, B.C is the best part of Canada.

The problem with B.C is that it’s been socialist for a very long time, they hate the corporatist Liberals in the West, but their Left-Wing governments aren’t exactly responsible with the tax revenue they collect. In Ontario, we love us some Liberals, Doug Ford won by default not because he was liked, but because of the terrible job former Liberal Premier Kathlynne Wynne did.

Former Liberal Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty was even worse, I like to point out that Justin Trudeau was the savior for the Liberal Party because they were and still are running out of people who can sell Left-Wing Corporatism to Canadians.

Being that a lot of Canadian businesses are heavily reliant on government contracts and government monopolies, obviously, during any election cycle Left-leaning political Partys in Canada have a tremendous advantage, but this advantage comes with a price tag because the-further-Left Canada goes, the worst things get.

a Big government is a monopoly as are the contracts that a government will employ when it picks the winners and losers to deal with “climate change”. Instead of a collection of private businesses monitoring Canadian forestry and agriculture, what we’re getting are “specialists” to deal with “climate change”.

The climate change alarmists/specialists get paid based on how bad things get and now that “climate change” is being pushed globally, how and who to deal with “climate change” is being rested in the hands of the government anointed.

From an economics perspective, this is DEFLATIONARY, meaning it will cost more money to solve and/or monitor fewer environmental problems Let’s not forget that most people working for the government or most of the legal entities who get these government contracts that do these jobs are UNIONIZED!

We’re in an ideological war and the Welfare State is currently winning.

Property insurers update risk modelling as Canada braces for climate impacts |

Interesting times ahead!