The Biggest Loser Club of the is a weight loss program inspired by the hit TV reality show: The Biggest Loser. The show has gained millions of followers and in fact, has spread to more than 50 countries. The weight loss program is patterned from this reality show, which basically combines healthy, low-caloric meals and physical activity to achieve weight loss goals.

Members of the Biggest Loser Club are not assured that they will experience the same changes as what participants of the TV show since the latter has a different and more controlled environment. While, the program isn’t really an exact copy of the show, members can still expect the basic weight loss principles used in the show and the same strong community support.

More about the Biggest Loser Club

By becoming a member of the Biggest Loser Club, you will have daily meal plans that are designed to suit your lifestyle and preferences. These meal plans cater to your needs and take into account your specific dietary preference. Through the site’s ‘favorites manager’, you can save those meals that are among your favorites and have those disliked meal plans removed.

Aside from daily meal plans, members will also be granted access to the shopping lists and recipes and food database that would let you know how to use certain food to create healthy meals, nutritional content of food, healthy alternatives, and a whole lot more.

The fitness element of the Biggest Loser Club features the same fitness program used in the show, personalized to suit your fitness level and weight loss goals. There are animated demonstrations, weight tracker tool, and fitness plan that includes cardio and strength training exercises.

Final thoughts on the

The greatest strength of the is its good community support which are through message boards and progress journal. Members of the club can also get to ask advice from the show’s contestants and from Bob Harper  and Kim Lyons. The only downside of this program is its lack of solid, basic weight loss principles that would allow members to sustain their weight loss.

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