review – Is it a scam?

If you’re not into multi level marketing you probably won’t like Big idea mastermind and if you’re already a member of Empower Network you might already know about Personally as man of you know I’ve never been a fan of mlm because I feel it’s too much work to promote someone a brand that I’m a small part of. However Empower Network has done a pretty good job changing the usually hard work associated with being in MLM. That being said took things even further and created a system where all members really need to do is promote and their system will handle the rest.

Personal thoughts regarding

My issue with automated systems like these is there always comes a time when the word gets out about what they’re doing which is when things inevitably slow down. There have been good multi level marketing programs in the past that had similar automation in place and they eventually failed. Whenever I see programs like Big idea mastermind which to a degree is a derivative of Empower Network I always say to myself well if Empower Network is so good and sustainable why would they need

For me that’s the only thing that bothers me all that said there is risk in any job, sales, investment or business venture so if appeals to you I think you should give them a try!

Final thoughts regarding

I think Bigideamastermind is legit I don’t think it’s a scam even after careful review it’s clear to see the time and energy Vick Strizheus put in this. Although I don’t recommend Big idea mastermind I wish all the users of the system the best of luck!

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