Bill C-92: 2016 federal data found 52.2 percent of Canadian Children under 15 years old in foster care were Indigenous First Nations – July 7, 2021,

Geez, what a tough problem to solve, just being honest, when I read the article below, for the life of me, I can’t think of any way to fix a problem like that. Canada has been socialist for a long time and one thing socialism is known for is destroying families.
I know a lot of white families that were destroyed by socialism in North America and in Europe, in America, namely black America, the Democrat Party has completely destroyed the Black family, and the reality is there is no quick fix. I often complain about Conservative governments, because when they’re in power, they don’t take the welfare punch bowl away from anyone, which allows these problems to grow and grow.

After reading the article below, it’s heartbreaking, because clearly, this is a breakdown of the family and of course I know Bill C-92 is going to make things worse, but do I have an answer as to how to fix this problem? Yes, but it would require changing the way all Canadians are educated about economics.

At the very least Canada’s First Nations have reserves, often the problem with those reserves is mismanagement because when you give any group of people welfare, there is no incentive for them to be productive with lottery winnings.

This destroys the youth, the male youth, especially because if their parents are government dependents, it’s hard for any child to respect that. Furthermore, Natives who escape the reserves and become successful may also be looked at as sellouts.

I don’t blame the Natives for doing what a lot of other Canadians are doing which is consuming as much welfare as possible, because the Welfare State is a STAIN on Canada. I read all the time about hateful comments from Canadians towards First Nations, but a lot of WHITE or old-stock Canadians are on WELFARE too.

If I were First Nations, I’d be confused as to what this Canada concept is all about, Liberal whites are white people too, I get it that some Conservatives imagine White Liberals not to be white, but most of the people in Canada dependent on the Government are WHITE!

If your livelihood is dependent on Government contracts if you’re a public sector worker if you need the government to send you a check every month if your pension is government dependent you’re on welfare. I get it, many of you convinced yourselves that you earned the right to receive welfare because maybe you worked some years ago, but in the real world without fiat money, a lot of you would be no better than Canada’s First Nations.

Welfare attracts the wrong type of energy and because Canadian society is built on Judeo-Christian values, many of us who grew up Christian, know welfare is supposed to be something TEMPORARY, but in secular socialist society, they dream of permanent welfare for everyone. Well, the problems facing Canada’s First Nations and America’s Black population are the results of what happens when people rely on State Welfare.

I defend the First Nations’ right to seek out welfare, for as long as the majority of Canadians embrace Big Government and a Welfare State. Just so I’m clear, there is an expiry date for the strong value of the Canadian dollar and it’s approaching quickly.

Once inflation gets out of control, only raising interest rates will stop it. When will this happen? Who knows, I’m not a fortune teller, but if you read story after story of Justin Trudeau promising free money to this group and that group, eventually it’s going to be nearly impossible to SERVICE Canada’s public and PRIVATE sector debts when this is apparent and governments begin finding more ways to extracting money from the private sector, more and more people are going to be incentivized go on welfare thereby increasing Canada’s reliance on imports.

Yes, we’re already there, now, but the markets still believe that there’s a chance Western Nations can turn things around. Some will argue Bill C-92 will make leaders in First Nations communities unaccountable? I respond, have you been to a provincial welfare office? or been inside of some of these foster homes? they’re not exactly economical if you ask me.

The Welfare State destroys everything, Canada’s sin was forced integration, In certain parts of South America as well as Africa, some of the tribal people NEVER evolve and are quite fine. Western society was supposed to be based on volunteerism, not force, the Natives have their land if they want to participate in the Canadian experience they should always feel free to do so, but maybe we should let them figure out things on their own because there’s no easy answer to their situation.

For example, 2016 federal data found over half of the children (52.2 per cent) under age 15 in foster care in Canada were Indigenous, despite Indigenous children only accounting for 7.7 per cent of the child population.

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