Review – Is it a scam?

No one became wealthy simply by saving. If you truly want to get rich, then you must go beyond saving; you must learn how to invest your money. Binary option is an investment vehicle that many people are now getting into. BinaryMethod4U, which you can find at, is a website that caters for those who want to learn a method to grow their money and earn $3,200 per day or more. This method is being promoted by a guy named Matthew Barry after being frustrated with investment scams.

More about BinaryMethod4U

According to Barry, he had come up with a method that allows anyone to generate income at home. This method has something to do with binary options and making more money than any other method used by traders. He further added that even those with no prior experience can make at least $500 a day. He didn’t specify though how this method works.

In the world of finance, binary option is a form of investment on which you can either have a specific amount for payoff or none at all. So just like any form of investing, there’s some form of risk involved in binary options. If you’re a good investor, you know that you would never invest in something that you don’t have any knowledge with.

Final thoughts on

Although the income claims of seem too good to be true, you can give it a go as it claims that learning the method is free. If it sticks to its claims, then you could probably gain something if you sign up. However, just like anything else, you must proceed with caution. Always read the terms before you sign up. And as a rule of thumb, never provide your credit card details unless you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

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