Bitcoin’s success is the perfect example of why Government financial regulations are archaic, The market eventually fixes Pump and Dump schemes, but can you stomach the waiting period? – December 2, 2021,

Let me first be clear about something, if government regulations did not exist, I would never invest in cryptocurrencies. I don’t want this post to come across as some sort of promotion for Bitcoin, I’m merely addressing the elephant in the room that everyone is trying to figure out, which is how the GOVERNMENT will regulate Bitcoin, meaning cryptocurrencies are finding their place in the world without the government, and this is should signal the end of the U.S dollar?

Most government-regulated industries including the energy sector that now faces all sorts of idiotic FINANCIAL government regulations find their ability to innovate crushed in the government-controlled marketplace. Without government regulations Will there be pump and dump schemes in industries? Of course, there will be! Actually one of the longest-running pump and dump schemes is big government, as an example currently, the government is pumping up property values it deems as essential or too big to fail and dumping private businesses it deems as unworthy of stimulating.

So when I or anyone else accuses Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies of pumping and dumping I’m merely expressing my frustrations of big government. Because the word on the street right now is how will America regulate Bitcoin? I’ve argued, it’s going to be very difficult because regulations actually make the price of something the government likes appreciate.

In real estate, what most people used to know as a money pit, continues to make record highs in fiat currencies. Depending on when you bought your Bitcoin, real estate prices are still pretty low. So what’s going on here? It will probably take people a few decades to figure out that Big Government is archaic, I’m for the eventual elimination of government, but I’d settle for a much smaller government.

As an example, gang bangers and mobsters don’t grow in a free market in which a government decides how I can defend myself.  The problem with big government is that some people don’t obey the law and not only do they not obey the law, they can also anticipate the punishment. If a human can imagine a clear path to wealth or power, breaking the law is worth it sometimes and this is why a small government keeps monopolies from forming.

The believers in big government, imagine governments should have the monopolies because government representatives are better people? I personally consider people who believe in big government to be MONOPLISTS. Whether they’re too impatient to allow market forces to correct problems or they’re tyrants pretending to be bleeding heart liberators, this evil that big government knows best needs to end.

The U.S fiat dollar continues to dominate, not because America is the best country in the world, but because the federal reserve is currently viewed as the best central bank in the world with the best treasury holdings. Whether that’s true or not is irrelevant, the market perception is there because most humans like prosperity and stability.

Meaning that in the real world, people who are against the stability of humanity will quickly be sent to economic prison. In this big government world, people like George Soros as an example are propped up, because these tyrants assist the big government in its desire to grow. Based on the success of cryptocurrencies, it’s clear that monopolists have little to no power when the people decide what has value in an open marketplace.

People still imagine that the government saved people from the monopolists, wrong, as Thomas Piketty points out a lot of rich people inherited their wealth? Why do a lot of rich spoiled brats that offer humanity nothing inherit wealth because power is centralized and the centralized powers that be, have put their stamp of approval on the money supply?

Free-market Capitalism is still being rejected by the Thomas Piketty types because they imagine that free-market capitalism and monopolies are one and the same. Most financial ignoramuses imagine free-market capitalism and mercantilism as the same thing. Mercantilism is an economic practice by which governments used their economies to augment state power at the expense of other countries. In short, Mercantilism is the monarchal version of National Socialism.

Bitcoin actually takes money from the monopolists, nobody puts a gun to anyone’s head and says buy Bitcoin. In a free market, wealth can come from ANYWHERE, money is merely a convenient form of bartering, sure in a free market some people would prefer to use Gold and Silver, but someone could become wealthy by trading in digital tokens or wheat, or oil, even sand. In India, there’s a huge demand for SAND! there’s lots of Gold and Silver in India, but there’s a sand shortage and if you can meet the demands of the market in India, you can be wealthy.

The purpose of FREEDOM is to improve the human condition, but as we all know most humans do not want to pay their fair share, we talk about the so-called rich paying their fair share, but there are a whole lot of people in Western countries who are dependent on the government for their survival and the academic types like to appeal to this large demographic because after all a lot of these academics are looking to increase their wealth and status while gaining fame and power in the process.

The success of Bitcoin should be a reminder that Big Government and the monopolies it creates are in the way of progress! Again I’m not a big fan of cryptocurrencies, but when industries aren’t regulated wealth can be created out of nothing! India’s sand shortage problems can be fixed, but we all know big government gets in the way of trade and prosperity! So when you hear about these success stories, remember why they’re successful and why Big government destroys everything it touches!

Interesting times ahead!