Blame Justin Trudeau and his Free Welfare Cash Giveaways: Marxist Mark McAllister and Canadian media target Starlight Investments for their reasonable 4.2% rental increases – December 10, 2021,

Now, first and foremost, I have no desire to protect Starlight Investments, why I’m even writing this has to do with Justin Trudeau and his bought and paid for media who are now going to blame the private sector for a problem created by Justin Trudeau. First and foremost if the Canadian government wants to lower rental prices, sell Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation(CMHC) which is currently Canada’s most profitable crown corporation which is helping to fuel Canada’s real estate bubble.

CMHC which a FEDERAL CROWN CORPORATION allows more Canadians to qualify for mortgages which obviously helps prices for homes rise. If there were fewer buyers who qualified for a house or CONDO, the price of real estate would come down. On the topic of bringing real estate prices lower, the real culprit is the Bank of Canada, keeping interest rates artificially low when the Canadian real estate market never crashed.

Justin Trudeau also didn’t allow the real estate market to crash when Covid hit us, rental and debt deferrals became a thing, people could skip rent and mortgage payments, and let’s not imagine for a second that every rental purposed housing qualified to be compensated for their losses. In Toronto, I think rental controls have been lifted somewhat, but I think it’s pointless to lift rental controls in Ontario because the CMHC has created an environment in which it makes far more sense to build condos instead of rental purposed housing.

Marxist Mark McAllister a tool for Justin Trudeau

Knowing there’s rental-purposed housing shortage, Marxist Mark McAllister goes on the attack to the little rental-purposed housing Ontario has left? As I pointed out in the above paragraph, one of the reasons rental purposed housing has no competition is because CMHC picks corporate winners and losers, CMHC, as creating an environment in which it makes far more financial sense to build condos instead of rental purpose housing and Marxist Mark McAllister, proves my point.

Nobody talks about rising strata fees? which are condo fees people pay on top of their mortgages, and the reason for this is because there are no provincial or municipal strata fee regulations that compare to rental control laws. This, of course, makes it more favorable to build condos rather than rental purpose housing, after all, if you buy a condo and rent it out, you can kick out your tenant anytime you feel like it, the same is not true for rental purposed housing.

Starlight Investments can’t simply kick out a tenant when they feel like, they’re governed by very strict rental control laws. People voted for Justin Trudeau because as I’ve stated in prior posts, Canadians love the welfare state, well Canadians better love the welfare state when we get hit with inflation, I’m tired of the private sector always being blamed for a problem that starts with government.

The Government is picking winners and losers and the outcome is going to be messy, Marxist Mark McAllister needs to report stories honestly and enough with the clickbait! I’m not fighting for Starlight Investments I want an honest free-market economy, this never happened in the 1990s I got 3 months free rent and I negotiated a lower rental price in Toronto, in the 1990s prior to CMHC getting involved in mortgage insurance.

Rental control las have always been a mistake, what you want in the rental markets is COMPETITION! Via CMHC, Condo development is far outpacing rental purposed housing development. Stop lying to the Canadian people. If Canadians want a welfare state in which the government picks winners and losers in the economy, accept the consequences!

Tenants fight major rent increase planned by corporate landlord |

Interesting times ahead!