Review Is It a Scam

Once you’ve made a decision to go this route it’s important to understand what you’re getting yourself into. The reason why I personally don’t recommend programs like this is because you will be getting recycled leads. 70 million leads or opt in email prospects only mean something when they’re targeted. Another thing you want to take into consideration is the fact that just because your ad will be sent to 70 million prospects it doesn’t mean that it will be opened by 70 million prospects. The reality of the matter is that the email you send using might be considered spam from the subscriber.

Have you seen your spam boxes lately?

It only takes a few spam clicks of the mouse for emails to label as spam and it only takes a few more clicks for emails to be labeled as dangerous phishing scams. Typically when you use the services like these this is what your email will be labeled as. The key thing to remember when using services like is how many emails are being clicked? How responsive is their list? Anyone can claim to send out 70 million emails but the key is how many emails are opened and clicked from other reviews that I’ve read the magic number is between 100 – 500 and out of those in most instances no sales we’re made.

Untargeted web traffic and final thoughts on

Personally I can’t call a scam they’re providing a service that is in demand all I will say is that if you choose to go this route understand that the traffic that you will be receiving will not be targeted web traffic and also understand that even though your email might be sent to 70 million subscribers that doesn’t mean that your emails will be opened or delivered to 70 million subscribers. Yes the power is in the list but what they didn’t say is that the power is in a target list.

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