BlazingTraffic Review Is It a Scam

I have a huge disagreement with allot of people when it comes to business. I believe in disclosing information where as most people like to play on peoples curiosity. When it comes to increasing targeted traffic to my website i think if someone is offering a paid service they should disclose where that traffic is coming from. If they can’t show you how they will bring this traffic to your website i personally don’t think you should do business with them.

Blazing Traffic Reviewed

If you follow my posts about increasing traffic to your website you will commonly hear me refer traffic exchanges and google adwords. Reason being is they are two completely different types of traffic. Google Adwords is suppose to be targeted traffic and traffic exchanges is just a un-targeted way to increase traffic to your website. When i see places like not disclosing where they get their traffic from all types of alarms start ringing off in my head.

The first thing i want to tell a consumer that is interested in purchasing traffic from them is to make sure you sign up and get a Google Analytics account this way if you purchase traffic from Blazing traffic you can see who came to your website and from where and also how long they stayed on your website.

If you notice people are staying on your site from 7 – 20 seconds there’s a good chance they we’re either bots or people from a traffic exchange. This is not always the case as other factors come into play but if it’s a steady stream of visitors and the average visit is all the same you should get an idea that this is not good traffic.

Now other factors can come into play and usually that’s what these companies will use to shield themselves, like if your website is not built right or isn’t targeting the right market correctly this can also cause people to leave your website quickly and this is what brings me back to why I don’t like sites that try to get people to sign up out of sheer curiosity. Frequently Ask questions

if you read Blazing Traffics frequently asked questions you will notice they don’t tell you where your traffic will be coming from or I should say what method they will be using to increase the traffic to your website. This is a big no no in my book if i buy traffic i should know what type of traffic i am getting and where it’s my right as a customer.

In Closing

I wouldn’t call blazing traffic a scam i just personally would not use them if am buying traffic i want to know what type of traffic i am buying so i have an idea of what type of results i should expect.  for the record i wrote this article April 11, 2010.

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