Review – Is it a scam?

Block the Bitch which you can find at is a website that offers a guide for those who are thinking of starting their own personal training business. This is created by a woman named Karen Ruffle who claims to have spent years in confusion on how to drive more clients to her business. She claims to have spent a lot of money to learn from a guru but ended up in the same position on where she started. In this guide, you will learn how to market your service and gain clarity in your business.

More about Block the Bitch

Block the Bitch aims to help you gain clarity and achieve your business goals. It is comprised of different people specializing on various areas including digital marketing, sales, and copywriting. Unlike other business training, this is a subscription program which means that you have to pay on monthly basis to continue with the program.

The good thing with Block the Bitch is that it’s geared towards a specific niche so you get to receive tips and training on your specific area. It’s also a good thing that it’s started by someone who used to be in your situation; hence, signing up the program will be like being guided by someone who knows your desires and frustration.

Final thoughts on

Block the Bitch can be for you if you’re someone who’s interested in starting a personal training business and feels stuck in your current situation right now. This is a ClickBank product so you can ask for refund if you end up dissatisfied.

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