BlogProfitAccelerator Scam

First I want to make it clear that is a click bank product meaning you can get a refund up to 56 days so i wouldn’t call it a scam.

maybe because i know a thing or two about blogging i don’t feel personally it’s worth the money to pay someone to learn about blogging because in reality it’s really quite simple. A blog in general is suppose to be something personal almost like a reflection of yourself. A blog the good successful ones are usually updated frequently.

If you want your blog to be recognized by the search engines get it SEO’d. It’s really that simple. The main purpose of blogs is to get search engine and organic traffic. When getting into the topic of blogs i really don’t think it should require a monthly fee.

As a blog owner myself do you want to know how much money i pay per month to operate my BLOGS i have several by the way. $30 per month, the only people that get money from me for my blogs is my hosting companies.  So even though i could easily recommend to you I won’t because any information they have can be found for free and paying a monthly fee just for information is not worth it in my opinion.

None the less i would love to hear feedback from people who used so please leave your comments below.