Review Is It a Scam

Although you may have heard of options trading before, chances are that “binary options” is a term that you are not familiar with. BO Capital is an investment firm that offers its members the ability to trade digital binary options as a means to make profits. Some individuals feel that this company is running a scam and should be avoided at all costs. Others tout the opportunity to make money quickly and easily. If you are interested in trading binary options, it’s highly recommended that you do your due diligence in determining the legitimacy of this investment model.

What Is Binary Options Trading?

To understand the basics of trading binary options, you have to know that each transaction is comprised of three distinct parts: the underlying asset, the binary option contract, and the prediction.

– Underlying asset: can be stocks, currency pairs, commodities, and indices.

– Binary option contract: the contract stipulates how much time is remaining before the option expires. These typically last from one hour to one month.

– Prediction: the trader must predict which direction he thinks the value of the underlying asset will move to before the option expires. If he believes that the underlying asset with move up in value, he will place a Call option. Consequently, if he believes that the asset will go down in value before the expiration time, he will purchase a Put option. Traders can almost double their investments if they can accurately forecast the direction in which the underlying assets will move toward.

What Makes This Investment Firm Different?

BO Capital has two features that make it stand apart from other investment firms offering binary options trading. The “Close Now” feature allows a trader to close an option early if he believes that the option will not perform has he predicted. This feature can assist traders in locking in the profits of options that initially were moving in the correct direction but have started to go toward the “wrong” direction. The “Close Now” feature also allows traders to minimize their losses if the option is going much differently than he had predicted it would go.

Another function unique to this firm is their “Roll Over” feature. As the name implies, this feature allows traders to “roll over” their options by extending the time before it expires. This would be beneficial if the underlying asset that you chose starts to move in the direction you predicted late in the option time-frame.

Is BO Capital running a scam? The answer is a definitive “no.” However that being said, trading binary options is a very risky investment model that should be avoided by just about all investors. If you have money to burn and want to take your chances with binary options, you certainly can do so. But keep in mind that unless you are highly skilled at predicting the direction of how assets will move, you will most likely lose your money very quickly.

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