a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

Both Pierre Poilievre and Maxime Bernier Could Be Extremely Problematic To Both The Future of The NDP and Liberal Party of Canada. Here’s Why – September 13, 2022,

Brian Lilley wrote an interesting piece on Sep 12, 2022, regarding Pierre Poilievre potentially taking away votes from Jagmeet Singh and the NDP, and his article revolved around the Union vote, but some of the people I’ve met who support the NDP do so on what they imagine are MORAL grounds, these people imagine Conservatism and capitalism as an immoral system that needs to be reformed, contained or abolished.

Most people who imagine socialism as the only path forward have never thought critically about actual Liberalism, primarily because learning Austrian Economics as an example is mind-boggling if you’ve been brainwashed to imagine the world from the mind of a Collectivist. National Socialists often have a lot in common with Marxists, what tends to separate the two is the racial supremacy component, and it’s one of the reasons you’ll notice that racism often creeps into Left Wing political groups.

You’ll often find that Left Wingers hate Jews, even though a lot of Jews tend to be Left-wingers themselves; the reason for this is that Jewish people as a cultural group often score very high on IQ charts. When you score high on IQ tests, it’s usually an indicator that you’ll be ECONOMICALLY and/or financially successful, no matter what system of governance you’re forced to live under.

Marxism, as well as National and Democratic Socialism, all revolve around the government or a collective group of people controlling the means of production. The Nazis hated Capitalism. Capitalism allowed, as an example, the Jews to dominate the Aryans economically, so anyone trying to conflate Nazis with Conservatives likely has been brainwashed by the mainstream media.

Are there racist Conservatives? Yes, but Liberty, freedom, and racism are a terrible mixture. Socialism and racism are the perfect mixtures; with socialism, the LEADERS of these ideologies MUST control the narrative. Both Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh engage in narrative-driven politics. When Justin Trudeau got caught in MULTIPLE acts of blatant racism, he apologized and the media, as well as his followers, QUICKLY forgave him.

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Why did his followers quickly forgive him? Because from a political standpoint, a large chunk of Canadians imagines the Liberals and The NDP as the good guys. Once a political Party has this type of reputation, it’s hard to destroy. Had Justin Trudeau made the mistake of being a Conservative, his entire life would have been destroyed, and I’m certain the media and believers in Left Wing ideology would have made sure to explain to Canadians how racist “Conservatism” will make a person.

But because Trudeau is a Liberal, everything he’s done in his past and the present is forgiven. The threat posed by both Pierre Poilievre and Maxime Bernier to Jagmeet Singh and Trudeau are education based. If I were Pierre Poilievre or Maxime Bernier, I’d spend all my time EDUCATING and spend little or NO time on Justin Trudeau, the man. In a Democracy as pointed out by Socrates, education is very important, the voter must be EDUCATED on right and wrong and must be EDUCATED on morality.

A lot of NDP and Liberal voters do not know their actions are immoral; what I mean is that they may not be CONSCIOUSLY aware of the immorality of their ideals. Now, obviously, there are people who openly immoral and will find justification in their immorality, but it must be pointed out that a lot of NDP voters became NDP voters because they imagined the Liberal Party as immoral and corrupt.

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With the Liberal Party, a lot of their voters feel as though they have to be loyal to the Liberal Party because, as an example, maybe they imagined Pierre Trudeau as the only reason they’re Canadian citizens. I’ve met tons of immigrants who said they only vote Liberal because they imagined Pierre Trudeau as the only reason they’re Canadian and they’re very grateful for that and will vote for the Liberals until they die.

This is likely the reason why Brian Lilley, in the post I point to below, focused on the NDP and completely ignored the Liberal Party of Canada. It’s not a secret in Canada that minority groups love the Liberals; however, the NDP is a different type of political Party, the NDP is still a concept rooted in the collective Labor Union culture.

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The goal behind making Jagmeet Singh the leader of a labour union political Party is to get more collectivist and ethnic groups under the NDP umbrella; the problem with doing this, however, is the alienation of the base of your support. In the article pointed to below, Brian Lilley focuses on the potential of Pierre Poilievre taking the labor union vote away from Jagmeet Singh; this is a very real possibility, but what I’m writing about in this post are the OTHER people the NDP are trying to appeal to.

When collectivism reached its APEX in this country, the NDP was banking on the MORAL voters, although I know otherwise; imagine you thought using the force of government to give all working-class people a pay raise was morally the right thing to do? NDP all the way, right, but suppose times changed, and YOUNGER people who do not want a 9-5 job for the rest of their lives started to imagine a different world in which they could REALISTICALLY be productive in society without having a BOSS?

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Now all of a sudden, the narrative shifts, and all of sudden, Freedom and Liberty start to become things people want to learn more about. It’s not to say that everyone wants to be self-employed, but the idea behind capitalism is not to be an employee but to be SELF EMPLOYED and liberated from the ruling classes; left-wing ideals revolve around CONSERVING and PRESERVING the ruling classes.

What Pierre Poilievre has really tapped into, in my opinion, is the growing demands of young voters, namely the young voters who don’t want to be forced to work for some institution for the rest of their lives. Younger generations are being bombarded with advertisements from people their age who get to work REMOTELY; being on welfare, although appealing, is not ideal for an ambitious young person because being on welfare equates to being ORDINARY and rather pathetic.

Wave of young voters flocking to Poilievre surprised even campaign insiders | nationalpost.com

What Poilievre and Bernier have tapped into are young people who are tired of the OLD WAYS of doing things; Bernier and Poilievre sound like the new trend, and by the new trend, I mean a trend that breaks the shackles of working for someone your entire life, you people want liberty and freedom. However, it’s still hard for them to CONCPTUALIZE it coherently because, as an example, a lot of older Canadians who may want young people to vote for Conservatives are still imagining a world from their biased lens.

Like it or not, Justin Trudeau hasn’t been popular since he legalized POT! I like to remind people WHY Trudeau won in 2015, and one of the main reasons was legalizing Pot. After Pot was legal, Canadians who don’t care about politics stopped caring about Trudeau. He served his purpose; now, they had other things to worry about. During the pandemic, you could see with low voter turnout that, again, most Canadians did not care who the Prime minister was, imagining that it wasn’t important.

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Although Justin Trudeau is directly to blame for the economic downturn, the average voter doesn’t understand economics and imagines the economy as a random chain of events, meaning that both Pierre Poilievre and Maxime Bernier have to find their own NICHE to attract voters. What’s overlooked with Pierre Poilievre is his support for cryptocurrencies; whether you like it or not, cryptocurrencies represent a get-rich-quick scheme; not only that, cryptocurrencies are an education on central banking.

You’ll notice that Pierre Poilievre targeted Canada’s CENTRAL BANK, you might be oblivious to why Pierre Poilievre did this, but even the Liberals understood who Pierre Poilievre was dog-whistling to. You’ll notice in the post I point to below how angry Justin Trudeau appears to be in his speech. It’s because he knows he’s losing the young voters.

Trudeau criticizes ‘buzzwords, dogwhistles’ as Poilievre crowned Tory leader | globalnews.ca

If Trudeau loses the young voters, it’s over for him; I’m not sure how many NDP votes Trudeau can take away from Jagmeet Singh, but Trudeau getting the popular vote against Poilievre likely will not happen. Making matters worse is the state of the economy; Poilievre can claim that Bitcoin and all other assets are down because of Justin Trudeau and his policies. From my point of view, currently, it’s advantage for Poilievre, but I wouldn’t count the PM out yet.

There’s also Maxime Bernier, who I’ve argued, instead of focusing his attention on the Conservative Party, should be appealing to the NDP voters; education-wise, the Liberals and NDP, as constructed today, don’t stand a chance against an EDUCATED voter. Ignorance is the Liberal and NDPs favorite voting cohort; if you imagine the world works on autopilot, the NDP and Liberals seem like a safe bet; however, if you comprehend that government social and economic policies are the direct result of your standard of living, all of a sudden your a better critical thinker.

Turning a ZOMBIE voter into a liberated voter is not easy; you have to MARKET information to them in a way that makes them curious for more information. With Pierre Poilievre, his short videos have been genius for his campaign, short straight-to-the-point videos have been a wise strategy for Pierre Poilievre, and this makes a lot of his supporters curious to learn more about him.

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Maxime Bernier to date, has been very reliant on bashing the Conservative Party to get attention; I think he’d be wise to meet the Conservative voter where they’re going, and meet the Left Wing voter from a point of morality. The Conservative voter will eventually tire of Pierre Poilievre, who, as Prime Minister, will likely have to shift closer to the center. Maxime Bernier should be ready to capture this vote.

If Justin Trudeau beats Pierre Poilievre, that would be a devasting blow to the Conservative Party but could signal the best thing to ever happen to the People’s Party of Canada, as they could claim it’s the immorality of the Conservative party that caused them to lose. Doubly good news for the PPC is Trudeau’s handling of the economy, public services are being destroyed and if Trudeau continues to win, consumer price inflation is GUARANTEED!

This is why in my opinion, talking about how to create WEALTH by the shrinking government is the PREFECT message; if I were Pierre Poilievre and Maxime Bernier, my focus is FINANCES, Liberty, and freedom; that’s it, I wouldn’t even waste time talking about Justin Trudeau unless the media asks me a question about him. Pierre Poilievre has basically summed up Trudeau with one word “Justinflation” Pierre Poilievre moving forward, can basically explain what he plans to do as PM and educate his supporters.

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I recommend a similar strategy for Maxime Bernier; if I’m Maxime Bernier, I don’t waste time talking about Pierre Poilievre or Justin Trudeau; this is the ideal time for Maxime Bernier to promote his platform because regardless of who wins the next election, Maxime Bernier and the PPC have the opportunity to be the underdog. The Green Party is dissolving and those Green Party votes can go to either the NDP or the Liberals; however, this is a great opportunity for Pierre Poilievre and Maxime Bernier as the downfall of the Green Party symbolizes the failing of the climate change agenda.

You have to remember that Justin Trudeau hijacked both the NDP and Green Party platforms in Ontario; Kathleen O’Day Wynne destroyed all the Left Wing Parties when she attempted to do the same thing Justin Trudeau is doing. How the story ended for Kathleen Wynne was Ontarians tired of Left-wing politics; in Ontario we tried it all, we gave the Liberals free reign, but time and time again, they disappointed; with Trudeau he’s been able to buy votes, but now that interest rates are rising and he’s PM until 2025 and is basically ruling by fiat, any pain Canadians are feeling are the result of he and Jagmeets Singh’s collaboration.

If you ask me, depending on how Pierre Poilievre and Maxime Bernier approach things, they could both give Left Wingers in this country, a deadly blow that could send Left-wing causes back for decades. What I would do if I were Pierre Poilievre and Maxime Bernier is I would focus on educating the voter. Trudeau mistakenly put himself in a position to be beholden to Jagmeet Singh or call a snap election, and the evidence suggests that Trudeau has NO chance in winning a majority.

It’s not to say Trudeau can’t an election, but suppose he wins and he has an even smaller minority? This has the potential of him being forced to step down, and as I like to point out, the Liberals have no viable replacement for Trudeau. The way I see it, now is the time to for Conservaitve politicians and think tanks to start educating voters.

LILLEY: Poilievre a threat to Jagmeet Singh’s NDP | torontosun.com