Review – Is it a scam?

Bouncy Bids is another penny auction site that claims to be an avenue for people to buy expensive and highly regarded items at a very low price. Just like other penny auction sites,  each bid raises the item’s price at about one penny and creates changes in the auction time. However, the more bidders the item has, the less time will be added to its auction clock. The clock starts the countdown the moment the first bid is placed.

How works

Registration is needed before anyone can participate in the auction. Signing up is free but you need to buy credits to place a bid. Depending on the number of bids you want to have, bid packages can range from $6 to $600.

The moment the first bid is placed on the item, the auction clock starts its countdown. The last person to place a bid at the end of the countdown wins. Successful bidders don’t actually win the item. They only win the chance of buying that item.

Other features of

Bouncy Bids has this feature called Rookie Auctions where new members who haven’t won an auction yet are the only ones who are allowed to join. Rookie Auctions is the equivalent of Beginner Auctions in some penny auction sites.

Some items in the site have the ‘Buy It Now’ feature where users can opt to buy the item at a full retail price using the cost of the used bids.

Also, Bouncy Bids give away bonus bids to members who can refer more people to their site.

Final thoughts on is just like any other penny auction site. It can be fun but can be costly in the long run. With the tough competition on highly desired items, the cost of bid credits bought could have bought the item itself on its actual retail price.

If you hate competition and wasting your time, then do yourself a favor: save up and buy that item when you’ve got enough money for it.

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