The Face of Canadian Racism Justin Trudeau can not remember how many times he wore blackface

The Face of Canadian Racism Justin Trudeau can not remember how many times he wore blackface

Boxing vs. MMA: Will Justin Trudeau K.O Jagmeet Singhs Political Career or Will Jagmeet Singh Make Justin Trudeau Tap-Out in the 2021 Canadian Elections – August 19, 2021,

This could be the beginning of the end for Jagmeet Singh if he fails to resonate with voters in the 2021 Federal election, on the flip side he could put himself in the Canadian history books if he’s the reason Justin Trudeau is forced into retirement.

Vote splitting is not as much a concern on the political Left as it is on the Right, in fact, vote splitting has benefited the Left in Canada, if let’s say the NDP, the Green or the Liberals were merged as one party, the Conservatives wouldn’t have a prayer, right? No, that’s really not true, what would happen in Canada if the NDP wasn’t the force it is today is that fewer Canadians would vote.

Voter turnout tends to decline when people have fewer options, what separates the NDP from the Liberals is that the NDP is not overtly corporatists. Corporatism/Corporate Welfare is the main reason why The NDP exists today, they formed to put an end to corporate welfare synonymous with the Liberal Party of Canada.

With that said the gift and the curse of the NDP is their belief in Democracy/Majority Rule, making them in my opinion the real populist Party in Canada. The Greens, The Peoples Party of Canada, The Liberals, and the Conservatives all don’t make the theme of “Democracy” their primary concern.

The New Democratic Party(NDP) was supposed to represent the only class that matters in the country “Canada’s Working Class” but somehow, under Jagmeet Singh the NDP is more concerned about expanding the Welfare State?

Welfare for people who work and produce things differs from, Welfare for anyone who wants it. Because Jagmeet Singh has moved the NDP further to the left, he’s found himself walking into Justin Trudeau’s political Jabs, as an example as of the date of me writing this post, Jagmeet Singh has announced he will increase foreign buyers taxes on Real Estate, to combat the housing crisis?

But how does that help Canada’s working classes? taxes tend to make things more expensive for EVERYONE, B.C is an NDP stronghold and home prices in one of Canada’s most desired places to live have yet to retreat even with all the taxes levied by John Horgan? In fact, the cost of living problem continues to worsen under John Horgan, who by the way similar to Joe Biden has decided to go on vacation during the worst possible time.

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Jagmeet Singh could easily make Justin Trudeau tap out if he brought the fight to the ground and learned a little basic economics, which is Justin Trudeau’s weak spot. This was an area, oddly enough that the late Jack Layton has some knowledge about. Now, I don’t expect Jagmeet Singh to become an Austrian Economics major in a month, but there are fiscally responsible people on the Left who know Justin Trudeau is ruining the country and would have an open ear to Jagmeet Singh if Jagmeet Singh dared to talk to them.

When Canadians are ready to replace Justin Trudeau whenever that is, it won’t be to replace him with Justin Trudeau 2.0, they’ll want new ideas, a new path forward, a Canada worth fighting for. Regarding social issues, Justin Trudeau can jab Jagmeet Singh all day long, because Jagmeet Singh as it stands now lacks head movement, so far I’ve seen little to no creativity from his campaign.

With that said, sometimes the will to win is enough to etch yourself into the history books, Jagmeet Singh could garner a lot of new friends if he’s the sole reason Justin Trudeau loses the 2021 election. The NDP doesn’t need to win the election to be effective, but if they take enough seats from the Liberals, Justin Trudeau’s political career is OVER!

If Jagmeet Singh takes enough seats from Justin Trudeau to make Erin O’Toole the next Prime Minister of Canada, all of a sudden, the NDP becomes a realistic choice in the next election.. Furthermore, Jagmeet Singh will also have more power when the inevitable alliance against Erin O’Toole is formed.

Prior to Justin Trudeau, the NDP was on the rise, Jack Layton ended Michael Ignatieff’s political career if Jagmeet Singh makes Justin Trudeau tap out, this could spell the end of the Liberal Party for decades, meaning that the NDP becomes the dominant force on the Left.

In an effort to cater to all Canadians Erin O’Toole if elected Prime Minister of Canada will be in a very tough position, which could serve to catapult Jagmeet Singh and the NDP, furthermore once Justin Trudeau is gone, most people on the left will be eager to wash Trudeau from history because of all the corruption and racism tied to his name.

Trudeau’s concentration on buying the favor of the media has been oppressive to many in the media, it’s very hard to make Justin Trudeau look good with all the bad things he’s done to Canada and our reputation globally, it will be easier for the media to prop up Jagmeet Singh and the NDP.

Furthermore, if Justin Trudeau loses this election or fails to form a majority, this will go down as one of the dumbest and most arrogant political moves in Canadian history and Jagmeet Singh will have his place in the history books, if Justin Trudeau loses, because chances are if Trudeau loses, the NDP got more seats. Canadians love rooting for the underdog, meaning that Jagmeet Singh has an opportunity of a lifetime in the 2021 election, will he take advantage of it? He’d better because his political career might be on the line.

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Interesting times ahead!