Established in 1997, Bravenet of is considered to be one of the veterans when it comes to the hosting world. It used to offer tools for all webmasters at varying skill level. However, these days, it seems that Bravenet only caters to novices. On top of that, it doesn’t have the dedicated server so users who are looking for one can spend their time better by looking for other web hosting companies.

More about Bravenet

The free web hosting plan is no longer new as almost all hosting companies these days are now offering the free version. Thus, there’s a tight competition between them and the only things that would make them stand out are their features. Unfortunately, Bravenet didn’t stand out. Aside from its ad-supported hosting plan, it has a very limited disk space, which is only around 5 MB. For a disk space as small as this, it seems that Bravenet is targeting owners of personal websites who will only be uploading the most basic information.

While users can opt for an upgrade by choosing the premium version, there’s also really nothing much to take pride of by Bravenet. Although it has an improved functionality in all areas and its additional features such as traffic and email statistics are quite good, there’s no more that makes this company stand out from the rest.

Final thoughts on is most likely gearing its services now to the novice website owners as it offers the most basic and limiting features. Its 30 GB of disk space for its premium plan is still not enough especially for a website that has growing needs. What’s more, users who wanted to subscribe to its services must pay their monthly dues good for 5 years, which is quite a lot. Furthermore, its support system is not quite good, with the only ticketing system available.

A reliable web hosting company is something that offers flexibility to the client’s needs. Users can find this quality with this most recommended web hosting provider, Host Gator.