Britain’s Harry and Meghan pursue a life in Private Sector no longer be working members of the royal family – January 18, 2019,

I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on the Royal family, what I will say is I personally think Prince Harry had this planned all along. Although some will frame this as Meghan Markle duping Prince Harry into leaving his life of luxury in order to follow Meghan Markle in pursuit of her Liberal agenda, I think Prince Harry was looking for an escape from the U.K Paparazzi that I know he felt had something to do with the killing of his mother.

I personally believe Prince Harry always wanted a life outside of the Royal family, I can see this based on some of his life choices, he, after all, pursued Meghan and I believe he did this intentionally. Now, with my personal opinions aside, I personally think Meghan choose Canada for political reasons. Yes, she’s spent time in Canada before, but she was born in the United States, she built her career in the United States and if she plans on contributing to the private sector, the U.S will provide the platform she needs.

With that said, the U.S pushes back against Leftism while Canada, at least on the surface, at least under the Leadership of Justin Trudeau appears to be a Leftist haven. For the most part, it’s unlikely that there will be any push back in Canada’s mainstream media to Meghan Markle’s political agendas. It’s hard for me to imagine Meghan Markle remaining quiet on political topics while she makes Canada her home. I’m also curious to see what Prince Harry will do in Canada’s private sector.

Poll: Most Canadian taxpayers don’t want to pay for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s security costs |

Although polls say one thing, Canadian voters’ actions say another. I’m actually surprised how quickly the Western Canada separatist movement has died down, Canadians don’t seem to have much stamina in the face of tyranny, so although I don’t want to pay for their security, I doubt that there will be backlash if Canadians are forced to pay for the Private Security using public funds of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Being that Meghan Markle makes her money to the best of my knowledge via acting and public speaking, public arrangements, etc. chances are, barring her doing something horrendous to damage her image, she should easily be able to clear $5million USD every year while she sleeps. Prince Harry, on the other hand, I’m curious how he will gain from abandoning his office in the Royal family?

Men are different from women, male consumers in the free market aren’t impressed by Kings or Princes and even a male stripper will tell you how hard he has to work out to appeal to the ladies. Most male celebrities have some sort of skill, yes, like it or not posting on social media is a skill in which men typically have to work harder than women to get likes and followers. If your physical appearance is your selling point, this will fade quickly in the eyes of public if you’re a man. Even Justin Trudeau in case you haven’t paid attention uses what he learned in drama school to sell himself to the public. Most men hate Justin Trudeau, but Justin looks like an actor turned Prime minister in the eyes of a lot of Canadian women.

I’m sure Prince Harry has many talents, but I’m curious to see how much money Prince Harry’s talents will generate him. I mean, of course, we all know the U.K Royal family will give Prince Harry everything he needs and whatever debt he apparently has is at no risk of default even if Prince Harry can’t pay those debts. My fear for Prince Harry is his wife’s political stance. Yes, California is a sh*t hole for the poor and middle class, but the Rich and Wealthy are doing fine in Hollywood, but you see there are two things that don’t bode well for Meghan Markle in the United States.

First thing, currently the U.S President is Donald Trump, love him or hate him, Donald Trump refuses to be pushed around, making matters worse for Meghan Markle are Trump supporters who will push back against her Liberal agenda. Secondly, in LA, Meghan Markle risks falling into obscurity.

America’s private sector is extremely competitive, Hollywood is extremely competitive, most actors and actresses are now doing Gigs they would have never imagined doing in the late 90’s early 2000’s. This added exposure for celebrities risks them being exposed as fakes, phonies or idiots. I’m certain Meghan Markle can compete in America’s Holywood market, but Prince Harry and the Meghan Markle story doesn’t really inspire Americans, in actuality, she might be exposed as part of the entitled rich class, Bernie Sanders and others want to tax to death.

Notice how I’m having a hard time adding Prince Harry into all of this? Meghan Markle, this, Meghan Markle that, I wish them all the best but all eyes will be on Prince Harry and if Prince Harry can’t swim in the Private Sector, it will be interesting to see how this all unfolds. There are plenty of European Royals that nobody knows about. In the English speaking world we know about the Queen of England, however, Europe has quite a few Royal Families, that the rest of the world could care less about. Deep down this is why a lot of people don’t like the appearance of Prince Harry following his wife in pursuit of her own career, but as I stated earlier in this post, I believe Prince Harry had this planned all along.

The U.K Paparazzi killed my mom, I know this is something that bothers Prince Harry the most because he didn’t have her around for long. I’m close with my mother, and I take for granted the time she spent with me as a child. Poverty is bullshit, politicians will make it seem like with more money humans will be happier, yet a the standard of living has gotten better, more and more humans are depressed? Why? Because we humans want love and want to feel loved and nothing can replace a mother’s love.

In my opinion, Prince Harry is chasing what he didn’t have, what I’m curious to find out is if he’s willing to admit that the U.K Paparazzi contributed heavily to his standard of living, his popularity and the many variations and narratives to story of his family. Most of what I know about the Royal family comes from the U.K Paparazzi. A reminder that in order for the Royal family to be important or viewed as important, the U.K Paparazzi has to catch your attention somehow. the U.K Paparazzi has to provide the reader some sort of value, you see, those of us forced to work in the Private Sector get paid via results, you might not like how we generate tax revenue for our governments, for our queens, etc.

But we’re all in this together. I wish Prince Harry nothing but the best, I am after all a bit of a monarchist, I love her majesty the queen and I’m not afraid to say it. I enjoy a standard of living that stems for her majesty in which I hope me and future generations of Canadians will CONSERVE. I’m open to democracy, but if her majesty allowed us our freedoms, liberties, and pursuits of PROPERTY now and until eternity I have no purpose or reasoning to embrace democracy! We live Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, all the best! God Save the Queen!

The palace said Harry and Meghan will no longer receive public funds and they will repay money spent on the refurbishment of their cottage at Windsor, west of London.

The changes will come into effect in the spring of this year, the palace said.

Britain’s Harry and Meghan will no longer be working members of royal family – palace |

Interesting times ahead!