How To Build Website Traffic

Getting traffic to your website is actually allot easier than you might think, there are plenty of traffic exchanges and free traffic building solutions online for you to choose from.

If you are just looking for traffic what i recommend you do is sign up for a traffic exchange. I am currently a member of two traffic exchanges both with over 100,000 active members in there database. how traffic exchanges work is you join the traffic exchange and then add your website and any web banners you might have to the traffic exchange website. You would then view other members websites which enables you to then build credits, each credit you get gives you a visitor back to your website. If you find you are getting good results from the traffic exchange you can also buy credits, this way you won’t have to view other members websites to get visits back to your website.

The bad side to building traffic through traffic exchanges is that the traffic exchange traffic many times is not targeted meaning when a user or a customer is viewing your website they are usually not in the frame of mind to buy something. If you re looking to build traffic for your website a traffic exchange is still a good place to start. My top two traffic exchanges are listed below


Traffic Swarm

If you are finding that you are getting good results from traffic exchanges you might want to consider trying a service called Planet Traffic. It’s a paid service prices start at about $10.00 which can get you at least 10,000 visitors to your website. For information click the link below.

Planet Traffic

If your looking for unique ways to build traffic you found the right place click the link below for Building Website Traffic part 2