Building Website Traffic Part 2

In this lesson i am going to briefly talk about a more targeted way of building traffic to your website. This is a free method many people use to bring traffic and awareness to about there website this method i will admit is possibly the hardest method to bring traffic to your website and i only recommend you get into this method if you can give your website about 3 hours a day at least for the first 3 month’s.

This method is called Article marketing also called B.U.M marketing. how this works is you write articles about your website on well known article platforms.  There are many great article platforms to choose from but i recommend if your going to use this method that you go with the best ones meaning the ones that will give you the most traffic. They’re listed below

The trick when using these platforms is to direct visitors to your website. If you do not have your own website i do not recommend article marketing. In case you are not aware getting a website up and running is very easy and can cost as little as $15 for an entire year if you follow the instructions below.

Buy a .info domain at Name Cheap for $2.99 that also comes with FREE privacy protection for one full year (that’s why i choose them over go daddy)

and then buy hosting from HostSo for $12

right there you have an online business and an opportunity to drive traffic to it. Now another important factor is making sure your website is targeted towards something specific “make money online” is not something specific but “make money selling Remington shavers is” (don’t ask why i said remington shavers). A good source to learn B.U.M marketing or article marketing is from BUM marketing method my only knock on this program is make sure you building links for your website and make sure your website is about something you like. That way you will have allot more fun.

In part 3 of building Website Traffic i am going to talk about free Advertising Click Here For Part 3