Building Website Traffic Part 3

The first thing i want to talk about in regards to building free traffic is free advertising take it and embrace it. Yes it may feel so raw but hey it’s free traffic non the less and if you have none this is a good place to get some. Also never under estimate free advertising because many times you will find these free advertisement solutions #1 on google, yahoo and Bing.

First is the advertising forum. I will admit this forum is a bit annoying in my opinion but none the less it’s free advertsing and i recommend you market your business website here

Now seldom do you find anyone willing to turn there blog into an advertising blog but this website has done it and done it successfully and if you want to a blog to advertise on i recommend

This is another advertising forum i’m not much of a fan of it because your advertising does expire and many times when you start receiving traffic from this source is too late none the less it’s an ok source to building traffic

A good idea might be to type free advertising in Google or yahoo you should a get a ton of results. There are plenty of free resources. I want to quickly touch on craigslist and kiijiji for a moment. Only use these services if you are within the guidelines of those particular services don’t use those platforms to spam it actually does more harm than good to your website, especially if it’s reported that you are spamming.

Part 4 of Building Website Traffic i am going to talk about the power of blogging and how having a blog should easily make you $1000 a month while building you traffic. Click here for part 4