Building Website Traffic Part 4

Building Website Traffic part 4 Blogging and Bloggers. Blogging is allot different from article marketing if you can write a post a day or even get people to write post for you everyday then blogging might be the traffic solution you been waiting for. Blogging differs from article marketing or advertising in that an article directory is made to have a bunch of writers where as a blog is intended to be more personal.

This is my blog I can say whatever i want on it I am in full control of what happens on my blog. That being said having a blog is one of the easiest ways to get traffic especially wordpress blogs which were built search engine friendly. the tricky part with blogs is being specific, blogs are much like PPC except if you want exceptional results you will have to put in allot more time then you would Pay Per click marketing.

If you want to provide the world wide web with information you think is needed then i recommend becoming a blogger if you are selling something you might want to consider blogging. Admit-tingly teaching you about blogging is not fortay and telling you what i know would be stealing from the people who taught me how to make money blogging so with this subject i recommend you try The Keyword Academy.

It cost only $1 to try it for a month and you should learn allot within that time frame I was going to discuss what they teach but it’s better you learn it from there crash course.

In the next lesson Building Website Traffic part 5 i am going to talk about Social media and click here for that