Building Website Traffic Part 5

if you’re a newbie to building website traffic i highly recommend you tap into social media some way some how its a big thing right now personally i am “ify” about the future of social media mainly Facebook as i think Facebook has put itself in a precarious position because it’s online social media outlet that asks it’s users for allot of personal information.

Although Facebook is at an all time high i really wonder if they can keep it up mainly because of the personal information issue in a social media outlet. I also look at how advertisers are able to target customer and wonder how long before users start to feel like they are being WATCHED! none the less this is only my thoughts and it does reflect the destiny of Facebook.

now there are plenty of sites in which you can find online that can help extend your reach social media arena but i am going to tell you about the ones i use. At the moment most of my energy is tied in Pay per Click. I’ll do a campaign and come back here and write a blog post, so when it comes to social media i want the tool i am using to be as easy and as automated as possible.

Do Not Sleep on Twitter, there are plenty of ways make money from twitter all around the web i tried them all the problem i found is that they want you to sign up for a whole bunch of different programs which is fine for people working on a budget but I don’t have time for all that so I stick with Tweet Adder i have the unlimited plan and have ALLOT of twitter accounts & followers on all of them. No More than 200 followers a day 30 seconds + when doing bulk unfollow.

Once you purchase Tweet Adder make sure you also sign up for Sponsored Tweets that’s how you make your money back and that’s all i will say about that.

Now this next way to monetize on social marketing is also my introduction to you about Pay Per Click marketing. Allot of what I say even when i have people around me tends to fly over peoples head, at least i think it does or they think i care to sell them something i dunno I made this blog to help people but i know people tend to see what they want to see so whatever more money for me.

Now remember how i started off this post with Facebook well BidSystem also known as AdKnowledge would give you an idea of exactly what i was talking about.  I like Adknowledge allot i am an advertiser just so you know so i am not so familiar with publisher settings. From the perspective of an advertiser Adknowledge to me is one of the best options especially in social media that i have run into everything is easy to understand and there staff has been very helpful I’ve written about Adknowledge before so I’ll leave it on you. I have found it to be an excellent way to building website traffic.

Click here For more info on Adknowledge

That’s all for social media next onto my Building Traffic using Pay Per Click Marketing click here Building Website Traffic part 6