Building Website Traffic Part 6

Whenever talking about Pay Per Click it’s hard for me to hold it in. I feel like saying to people do you know what you’re missing. To Me Pay Per Click is the only game in town. The hardest part i think for people is losing money at Pay per Click and honestly there’s nothing i can tell you. I want to tell you don’t be scared we all must walk before we run but then again i don’t want to blamed for your failure.

I’ve should friends family Pay Per click marketing but when i see it they think i’m some kind of computer wiz that got lucky well at least that’s how i feel about the situation. Over the last few years especially i have come to a truth that i really never thought existed. Its a new clarity for me because now i don’t feel guilty for being successful. Everyone is here for a reason and it has NOTHING to do with money. That is honestly my conclusion the moment you start following your heart the better life gets.

I make most of my money from Google Adwords i learned most of what i know from Chris Farrell Membership. I also want to make this clear i seldom create landing pages for my Pay Per Click campaigns. I compete in very low competing keyword categories. The only time i lost in adwords was when (an affiliate network) did not pay me for my sales.

i would recommend signing up to Profit Lance to learn about Pay Per Click but then again there are plenty of other programs that can help you. Here’s something i want to point out about Pay Per Click marketing you don’t want to follow some guru and do exactly what he does. You have to learn how to think for yourself. Being creative and smart is how you make money from Pay Per Click the internet is an ocean not a road when you see that you will easily be able to build website traffic and make sales.

I don’t recommend using Pay per Click unless you are trying to make sales. When starting a pay per click campaign put yourself in the customers shoes and think to yourself what would type into google if you were ready and anxious to BUY something. Those are the only people in my opinion you should be targeting when doing a Pay per Click marketing campaign.

Pay Per Click is something you have to try for yourself, A good place to start is MSN adcenter and then try yahoo and then get into the cash monster that is google. Most people who don’t like google adwords are promoting “scams” and the scams they are promoting were recommended to them from so called guru’s that’s why i say sign up for pay Per Click on your own. As long as you don’t fear losing money you will be fine. Set aside some cash every week or month that is disposable and start practicing. If you are a affiliate the best network to join in my opinion is & Linkshare

My reason is there’s a much larger selection and many stores to choose from. Remember in each store there are products all which can be sold individually no landing page necessary i think many people forget that non the less it’s a good way to build traffic and get sales have any questions leave them below.