Bum Marketing Review Is It a Scam

Like many internet marketers i can honestly say that BUM Marketing was one of first experiences with internet marketing i didn’t make a cent but none the less it was a real eye opener. Signing up for Bum marketing like many others led me to join Wealthy Affiliate. I was a member of wealthy affiliate before WA even had a BUM marketing strategies in there membership site.

As an internet marketer i have a great respect for Travis for putting that information out there it’s been duplicated and sold so many times over you would even imagine and to date Travis Sago has one of the biggest IM followings online. He did it all from helping people make money online for free.

Also Travis is mainly responsible for wealthy affiliate being where it is today i would have never joined had it not been for Travis Sago’s recommendation, there’s a saying that the “game is to be sold not told” and one of the reasons for this saying is because when people find out secrets for free the saturatio begins. the internet is now a wash of useless information if i’m looking for something I never search in Bing or Yahoo i only use google because google from my experience can not be bought.

By that i mean google has standards and will block any website it feels is not helping a searcher where as other major search engines don’t fell that’s that important.  BUM marketing in the long term has unfortunately been the main cause of the saturation on the internet today. Meaning people have a hard time finding the truth about a certain product or service. At the same time it’s help many people to make money online.

How Do I Honestly Feel about BUM Marketing

Like many others i have mixed emotions to BUM marketing in this day and age, it still works but article writing isn’t what it used to be and also Squidoo and e zine articles are starting to put there foot down on crappy articles or even crappy article titles. many times people abuse article directories just to make the search engine and or get back links to there website i can’t complain because i do it to, so it goes again to the mixed emotions side. I would have to say it’s definitely not a scam but one could argue that, the good ole BUM marketing days are not what they used to be especially with blogging and social media taking center stage.

Final Thoughts

BUm Marketing is good if you need direction and its worked for some people so if you like it go ahead and give it a try. For those of you interested in making passive money online for free feel free to visit the Work From Home free page, there are writing jobs there also if you’re looking for a writing related work.