Buy Audio Books Online

If you want to buy audio books online look no further than audible. They have over 75000 titles to choose from, also if you sign up with audible today you qualify for a free 2 GB mp3 in which you can use to listen to your audio books. You would have to pay for shipping and there is a three month’s commitment. There is no hidden charges to join and after your 3 month trial you can cancel at anytime.

the cost is $14.95 per month and with this you will receive one credit per month which you can use to download an audio book. There are only a few titles that cost more than one credit. The good thing about audible is their customer support and also the fact that you can download you audible audio books to CD.

Audible is also very easy to navigate. i am a customer myself through Audible i was able to get the entire rich dad poor dad series on CD which saved me allot the trouble of having to pay the retail price which would cost me 3 times as much. Audible is very good and trustworthy company and if you are interested in giving them a try click the link below.

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