Buy Cheap Targeted Web Traffic

Have you seen those website offering targeted website visitors for cheap? Unfortunately many of them are frauds. Almost all of them will not disclose to their customers where exactly they get their traffic from. Many of them are actually working together promoting the exact same traffic bot scam. I’ve even contacted some of them by phone asking them where they get their traffic from they won’t budge they won’t give me a straight answer.

To me this is a problem because if you are going to call your traffic targeted you should give your customer an idea of the type of traffic you are going to give them. none the less i am telling you this so that you understand the difference between them and the targeted web traffic company i am introducing to some of you today.

Target Web Traffic Testing

Now first of all i have been testing these websites since 2003 I also have analytics on all my websites this even dates back before google analytics was even created so i know when a company is using bots which is another issue i won’t get into with this post. Grow Stats is the only company where you can buy targeted web traffic for cheap and they will tell you where and how you will receive your website traffic.

Don’t Buy Worthless Cheap Un-Targeted Web Traffic

Some of you might be wondering why other websites similar to Grow Stats don’t do this. There are two known reasons one is bots second is quality of traffic. If read most of those other companies “FAQ” section it will say something like we use various traffic methods. Once you purchase traffic from them you are acknowledging that they can basically get traffic for your website from anywhere

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How to get web traffic to your site for $2