Buy Targeted Traffic

If you are going to buy traffic make it sure it’s targeted traffic.  Unless you have a huge a huge budget make sure you target your traffic to customers you understand. I use Pay Per click most of the time and i like to be safe than sorry. I like low competing keywords and hate competition. How I do it is I narrow everything down to it’s simplest form even as far as to go by brand name and city and or town.

When i do this i know the customer who finds my affiliate link is either ready to buy or is deep in there searching process. Example sure someone could be look for a Cell Phone, but thats too broad a term so narrow it down. What type of cell phone is this person looking for. hey this customer likes Samsung cell phones so i get into the topic of samsung cell phones. But still that’s too broad lets narrow that down a bit further. hey a hot selling samsung cell phone is the Samsung Gravity T459 Cell Phone. That’s great that’s a good industry it’s not that competitive at the moment so i’ll take on that challenge but that’s not all i’m going to do. You see this cell phone also has accessories like “Zebra Skin Black and White Stripes Snap-On Hard Crystal Cover Cas”. So i might say to myself ok .” Samsung Gravity T459 Cell Phone zebra skin”. Right there that’s an easy $100 for a month and i doubt i would pay more than $10.

The internet is an ocean of unlimited money and it’s still in it’s baby stages.

Don’t just Buy Web Site Buy Traffic Buy Targeted web site traffic

If you got “money to blow” you can compete with the big fish just buy web traffic, buy website traffic in competitive markets, but if you are like me and don’t have a huge advertising i would buy targeted website traffic. I do the social media thing I use Adknowledge to do that. It’s the best for social media period. But i tend to stick and spend most of my advertising dollarss with adwords. As long as you are not selling a scam product or a suspect product or service to me Adwords is the best place to buy targeted web site traffic. I will be talking more about buying targeted traffic in a later post thanks for reading