Where To Buy Web Site Traffic

If you’re a person looking to buy web traffic and you don’t know where to start I recommend Pay Per Click in the search engines. Although you might hear all these stories about so called guru’s making hundreds of thousands of dollars doing pay per click marketing and they will show you there secrets for a small fee which leads to another fee and another fee and so on and so on.

The truth is Pay Per Click marketing is actually quite simple. In reality you don’t need me or anyone else to show you how to profit from it. There’s only a few lessons you may have to learn and those are you can’t be scared to lose money, you have find out where you went wrong, you have to be specific with your keywords and you have to understand your customers.

Are You Scared to Lose Money?

I usually find it weird when i meet someone who is scared to lose money yet them and I both are sitting in bar drinking our lives away. Or i meet someone at the gas pump pumping gas in leased or financed vehicle going to job that is OWNED by someone else. or if i meet someone about buy big screen T.V or an XBOX 360. Many of these types of people are scared to lose money. Have you ever squandered money before i sure have. So to me learning Pay per Click marketing was a no brainer. In case you were wondering that’s the main reason most people don’t do pay per click marketing and such a small few make so much money from it.

How pay per Click Marketing Works

I can only tell you from my perspective. Now i make about $140,000 per year but I do spend around $40,000 per year on Pay Per Click marketing. If you’re not paying attention this is investing, the internet is in it’s gold rush stage and many people don’t even know it. The way how pay per click marketing works is you have to specifically target markets and also understand your customer which means put your mind in the mind of the customer. What keywords would that customer type when he or she is ready to buy.

The internet is an Ocean not a one way road

There are so many untapped markets online you wouldn’t believe. Today actually right before i wrote my first post of the day i put an ad out that is targeting the people of Utah that’s it just Utah period “ocean not one way road” per click shouldn’t cost me more then $1.00 and that’s just one of the many campaigns I have going on. By the way i am an affiliate marketer. I have my own online business’s software development and such but they are like this blog just some extra things do before i head to the gym.

Pay per click marketing deals with specifics unless you are a major corporation i recommend you do the same. Areas to stay away from in pay per click are “Make money online”, “work from home” anything make money online related and credit cards lol stay far away from that industry any industry that has allot of competition in it is an industry you want nothing to do with. Well that’s what i recommend.

Another thing is i am a lazy guy I DON’T like building landing pages so i tend to stick with sell/promoting physical products that have to be delivered.  When i use pay Per click marketing i try to put myself in the mind of the customer. i think what would I type if i was a customer in the mind frame to buy. Yes i don’t get it right all the time and i have to adjust my campaigns but doing that or going back to welding I choose this.

Before i forget if you want to become a affiliate marketer i recommend CJ.com also known as commission junction there are others simular to CJ.com but cj should open you eyes to what i am talking about. I also recommend signing up for Google Adwords and Yahoo and MSN Adcenter and just get your feet wet even if it’s thirty dollars your spending just practice. Pay per Click is so much fun once you learn how it works.

Also make sure you find a hosting plan that gives you free pay per click credit host gator i think gives you a pay per click credit for all three for around $50 an up. Well that’s it for now I will add more posts on subject in the future best of luck.

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