Calls For Even more regulations on the Canadian Economy: Pro-Climate Change, Anti-Pipeline Idiots in Canada Call for government regulation as gas prices soar – January 7, 2022,

I want my welfare and I want the government to regulate those evil private sector profit-seekers out of business and oh yeah, Government I also want to pay lower prices? This is the thought process of progressive idiots, who imagine that the Big Government makes their standard of living better. Last time I checked Justin Trudeau won three times in a row with the same message?

He said he would follow through with his Paris accord promise, Trudeau even nationalized a pipeline as a jester in corporate welfare to I assume compensate people who wanted to see the pipeline built? Everything Justin Trudeau has done as Prime Minister has been to raise the cost of living. Now, early on during Justin Trudeau’s reign as Prime Minister all of Canada enjoyed lower oil prices, but as I like to point out that was due in large part because Donald Trump wanted energy independence for the U.S.

Joe Biden America’s new President is more aligned with Justin Trudeau’s in that Joe Biden has declared war on fossil fuels. Now, just because Canadians thought Conservatives liked Donald Trump because we’re racists is their problem, not ours. Many of us liked Donald Trump for a handful of reasons like his fiscal policies and his CUTS to regulations on the U.S economy.

Trump was very detailed when it came to economic matters, Left-Wingers are idiots when it comes to economics, and North America officially has three far left-wing Presidents Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico, Joe Biden of the United States, and Justin Trudeau of Canada, this, of course, is going to lead to consumer price inflation, because economic matters take a backseat to what these three leftwing idiots imagine is a need for more social and climate justice.

Social justice can’t solve shortage problems, if you regulate fossil fuels it will be more expensive to produce fossil fuels, and these companies have to pass the costs to consumers, I mean these companies could go bankrupt but I remind the left-wing idiots that they should actually try renewable energies for themselves without welfare subsidies to see how inefficient wind and solar are to fossil fuels before they demand we switch over immediately.

The reason we haven’t switched over is that wind and solar are lies, they’re a dirty scam, that won’t be exposed because there’s no incentive for these left-wing lunatics to investigate because welfare hides economic truths. What I wish would happen is that people who are pro-wind and solar were forced to vote with their own dollars instead of making the rest of us pay for their stupidity. Anyway, this post isn’t worth any more of my effort, Canadians have the right to remain stupid!

Instead of more regulations, this idiot gutless B.C economist should be demanding government CUT regulations on Canadian oil and gas!

Call for government regulation as gas prices soar |

Interesting times ahead!