Canada is already a Left-Wing Country, Moving further Left, borders on authoritarianism: Google warns Canada’s plan to fight online hate is ‘vulnerable to abuse’ – November 5, 2021,

Now, that Joe Biden is president of the United States, illegal immigrants fleeing to Canada because of Donald Trump’s tough stance on immigration has halted, I’ve heard from a lot of immigrants who imagine Canada as their second option if things don’t work out for them in the United States. The reason for this should be pretty obvious, when given the choice most humans prefer freedom even if the way they vote appears to lean more to the Left. Americans fight like hell against their ever-growing Federal Government, Canadians on the service appear to like their ever-growing Federal Government

Left-Wingers destroy everything, it’s how they’re wired and when they’re destroying society in their individual minds they imagine their proposals are for the betterment of humanity. Yes, I’m well aware of the nefarious and overtly power-hungry Leftists, but many are merely ignorant as to how their unnecessary REGULATIONS on human behavior change the dynamics of the marketplace.


The Federal government of Canada first proposed in July 2021 a new Digital Safety Commission (DSC) with the power to regulate hateful online content from major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pornhub.Google warns Canada’s plan to fight online hate is ‘vulnerable to abuse’ |

The UNTOLD Story of BITCOIN Regulating Social Media Will Only Lead To a Change in Behavior

So when the government creates a new entity to police whatever, that entity has to prove its value, Canada is filled with a bunch of regulatory authorities that do pretty much nothing but destroy entire industries. Canadian television is boring not because Canadians are talentless, Canadian television is boring because of the CRTC, Most of Canada’s best talent finds itself in the United States, but notice how the American talent has little interest in the Canadian marketplace?

As many artists learn, Canada has very different freedom of speech laws than does the United States, of course, equates to Canada being politely labeled by Americans as a BLAND country. But if you live here for someone to talk negatively about your country, sounds offensive. So this Digital Safety Commission (DSC)will have whatever mandate it has, but to start it will be directed at Social Media companies, which already have their own self-governing mechanisms to monitor hate speech.

Now, you have to remember it’s called SOCIAL media, meaning that people could be chatting about all sorts of things and social media companies censoring speech is nothing new, they have a lot of experience doing it, but if you’ve ever been to a paid online dating website as an example, the dating APP will usually automatically block you from sending links, or using swear words as a free member, but anything goes as a paid member.

Social media changed this dynamic by offering everything for free in exchange for being able to advertise to their userbase. Now, if social media sites are forced to behave like dating APPs, it’s only going to lead to a change in user behavior, what I see happening and I think Google sees it too, is that if entire subjects get monitored and people feel like the government is spying on them when particular topics are discussed online, you will further DECENTRALIZE human behavior.

For those of us who have been using the net for a long time, PAYPAL which has to adhere to U.S government financial laws began confiscating PAYPAL accounts it deemed in violation of its terms of service, which kept evolving every time the U.S government passed a new law. This, of course, led to a demand for an alternative…INTRODUCING the rise of BITCOIN which operates outside of the control of the government, now sure a person might lose some of their customers who don’t use Bitcoin but now Paypal has integrated Bitcoin into their service and talks are that Amazon might integrate Bitcoin into their service.

Bitcoin really began taking off, because of the DEMAND for alternatives outside of the control of the government. Now, if the government wouldn’t be so intrusive, chances are there wouldn’t be a demand for Crypto-Currencies, but fiat money has been weaponized and if Canadians start feeling like Social Media is weaponized, behaviors will change, I nor anyone else for that matter can predict how people will change their behavior but, first and foremost, the Canadian government won’t have the money or the resources to catch or control these new people they hope to criminalize.

So that’s not only a waste of resources, but people who feel like they’re being monitored by the Canadian government might start avoiding certain social media platforms. This doesn’t mean they won’t use social media, it just means they’ll avoid certain social media platforms. Now in China, where the government monitors everything, people still find a way around the wall. In Canada, it’s unlikely the government is going to be able to attract its best and brightest to monitor Canadians activities online, so similar to the CRTC which is why most Canadians do not watch Canadian content, Canadians will simply find a way to avoid the DSC or websites that are controlled by DSC=BLAND.

Interesting times ahead!