Steven Guilbeault Canadians to speak and write in a manner acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada

Steven Guilbeault Canadians to speak and write in a manner acceptable to the Liberal Party of Canada

Canada officially endorsed UNDRIP in 2016: The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and Bill C-10 – September 12, 2021


Most people of European descent fled Europe because of Big Government, in fact, if you’re an immigrant of any race, chances are you fled your former country because the government was too large. Anarcho-capitalists, whom I associate myself with most long ago got to the heart of the problem and have been fighting to SHRINK the size of government ever since.

Like it or not Anarcho-capitalists already solved the aboriginal problem, many of us are willing to help build up First Nations lands in Canada if that’s what they want but… as everyone knows, the Canadian government with the help of people PRETENDING to be representatives of First Nations people, have been brainwashing First Nations people since they arrived.

I actually feel sorry for many of them, because the Liberals have many of them brainwashed and they don’t even know it. Now I personally don’t write a lot about UNDRIP because it’s not enforceable, but after listening to Ron Vaillant I’ll add my 2 cents to the topic because the groups the globalists target the most are “minorities”, the reason for this is simple, Leftists believe in buying votes or buying favor, and currently, “Minority Groups” tend to have INDIVIDUALS or entities that claim to represent their entire race or culture.

As people will observe, globalists are never in a rush to liberate people who are ruled by DICTATORS, why? Because they’re easy to control. The people who are hard to control are people who fight for DECENTRALIZATION. Naturally, First Nations people in Canada would want Decentralization, this is where our Prussian-style educational school system comes in handy.

Canadian children are raised to love Big Government, which let’s be honest makes them susceptible to socialism. First Nations people prior to the arrival of Europeans, had a rather decentralized being, in South Africa, as an example, the real problems for Afrikaners began when the ENGLISH arrived

There was no reason to be racist in South Africa until the English arrived and began to carve out society. There is no perfect way to do anything and I want the reader to understand this, however, big government or large empires often create a plethora of unnecessary problems, because humans are meant to be free, and people shouldn’t be FORCED to do anything.

England was the first nation to give Private Property a definition and this is part of the problem. John Locke conceptualized property as a “natural right” that God had not bestowed exclusively on the monarchy and this is where the problem of socialism begins. Big Government and Freedom are NOT COMPATIBLE

Property has most of its value when it’s enriching everyone, as an example in the modern era, Canadian real estate in fiat dollars continues to appreciate not because the existing properties are CREATING MORE VALUE for Canadians, home prices are going up in Canada because the Bank of Canada is artificially suppressing interest rates, while at the same time protecting its SPECIAL INTERESTS. Not a big deal some will argue, well Canadians are forced to pay for things in Canada, using Canadian dollars.

By John Locke’s definition, the Canadian government would represent the monarchy and therefore the monarchy is in VIOLATION of “NATURAL RIGHTS”. In America, they figured this out long ago, most Americans who subscribe to Libertarianism know that a Central Bank is NOT compatible with freedom because in a free society, people will quickly notice when their “NATURAL RIGHTS” are being violated.

The government no longer needs to kick down your down to steal property from you, Justin Trudeau or Erin O’Toole can make an announcement that Canada is signing onto UNDRIP. More familiar to Canadians, Pierre Trudeau can argue that Universal Health Care is good for Canadians and most Canadians willingly will give up their right of choice for something they imagine is FREE.

Most humans in the core of their being know there’s something systematically wrong with society, but PROPERTY OR Private Property has been so misused and abused by governments all over the world, that if you’re unwilling to educate yourself about what’s going on, you’re not going to see how these problems are created.

It sounds like crazy talk for most people to imagine a world without Big Government, even though the spreading of Western culture is recent. The combination of FREE MARKETS and Private Property is what led to our much higher standard of living.

In Africa as an example, there exist, 2000+ tribes, tribes are another word for government, so TRADE is often stifled in Africa, I remember working as a missionary and being shocked by the number of tariffs and government regulations in different parts of Africa. In North America as we all know, different tribes were at war with each other prior to the arrival of Europeans, this STIFLES trade.

What we’ve all discovered with free markets is that trading destroys conflict, trading is a partnership, and greed in many ways is a construct of Prussian education getting in the way of bartering. In most countries today central powers DICTATE the rules of trade.

You can’t trade with this or that country unless the government gives the Okay, this exists in many tribes, don’t have relations with those people over there unless the head chief says so!

Now, had there been an educational system that reflected “NATURAL RIGHTS” we wouldn’t have these problems, but we’ve gone so far backward that we have special interest groups in our PUBLIC EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM which also helps to explain “The Residential School System” that oppressed Indigenous, First Nations, Métis and Inuit cultures all across Canada.

That same school system that destroyed the lives of First Nations peoples has a lot of white people brainwashed also, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but in case most of you aren’t paying attention a lot of the people pushing for a larger government are white and their brains have been so scrambled that they’ve in many ways dissolved into TERRORISTS!

Secession and Liberty | Ron Paul

When you believe in big government, imagining life without it is crippling. As we’ve all learned via Hitler, the Nazis will silence you, burn your books, dehumanize you and send you and your ideas to the gas chambers.

Winning a verbal debate is easy, anyone can win a verbal debate because anyone can have a bad day, the written word is something entirely different which is why globalists or believers in big government are working overtime to dehumanize freedom fighters.

I love what Maxime Bernier has been able to accomplish, but I hope all Canadians who know what’s going on will do their part, prosperity is and always will be DECENTRALIZED, We are free human beings, there is more than one way to skin a cat, so if you’re a believer in freedom, please do your part!

There is no perfect way to do anything so don’t try to be perfect, we are all in some ways derivatives of the freedom fighters that came before us, drop your ego, and remember that most Canadians have been brainwashed have absolutely no idea of what’s happening.

Below is a great video worth watching by Ron Vaillant, he’s the one who inspired me to write this post. If I’m, to be honest, if the Liberals, Conservatives, and NDP remain the dominant political Party in Canada UNDRIP is only one of many economic problems that will destroy Canada, if UNDRIP fails something else will emerge, evil never quits.

The solution is and will always be to educate yourself and most importantly EDUCATE YOUR CHILDREN. Independence is Decentralization, teach your kids to want to be self-sufficient and think for themselves. If you can help it only start a family with a fellow liberty lover if you’re successful and you can handle it mentally consider adoption, create your own school, write your own creative books and DON’T BE AFRAID TO FAIL, sometimes books that were considered failures found their way into the hands of the most influential people. we need more Ayn Rands, use your talents for good, do not waste your life being a complainer, be a CREATOR!

Your engineering or home economics talents use them to spread liberty, if you’re into medicine, write a book on medicine and spread the liberty message. We can bring prosperity to the world humanity deserves. If you don’t stand up for Liberty Steven Guilbeault is just the beginning.

CRTC via radio and television has already created millions of brainwashed Canadians, many of who I remind you don’t use the internet for informational purposes if you watch mainstream media on the television or radio, the CRTC controlled Canadian media often works to discredit information on the internet, so for most Canadians, when they hear or read things that don’t align with their Prussian education and media brainwashing, they’ll instantly REJECT it! Can you blame them?

In the movie the Matrix, the blue pill represented ignorance, but more importantly the main character Neo had to be mentally prepared to meet Morpheus. Keep this in mind when you fight for Liberty, ignorance is bliss, some people are fixed in their ways and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Do not be afraid to learn from people who disagree with you either. I personally think Separation or Secession should always be on the table for Liberty lovers, my only fear of Secession is brainwashed conservatives who love big government as long as the Big Government benefits them directly.

As the Liberty movement grows, make sure you listen to the words people speak as some people will simply think they’ve joined a hot new fad. There are well over 5 million Liberty lovers in North America alone, enough to start a nation In America a lot of Liberty lovers vote for the Republican Party, so there could be more but as you know, most people vote with the intention to win.

Now obviously Maxime Bernier is against Secession as he is hopeful Canadians will answer the call of Liberty, but I’m a firm believer that people must first know all the theories before becoming a Liberty lover. I make sure my kids understand Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto because if I don’t teach them the difference when they bump into a hardcore Marxist, they can’t defend themselves.

The reason most Canadians can’t define themselves from the socialists is that they’ve never heard these ideas before. I’ve even made the argument for Fiat money, because as an example, Canada has a strong Union culture, well if Canadian schools remained just as they are today and we imposed a Gold Standard on Canada, it wouldn’t surprise if poor Canadians voted to confiscate the
Gold and Silver of rich Canadians?

The main character Neo in the Matrix had to be mentally prepared to meet Morpheus if you give people not prepared for it Liberty, they’ll go to war with it, that’s how we ended up in the position we’re in now! So when you watch the video below and fight for liberty, be considerate of those who love the matrix.

Canadian Front Line Nurses – Ron Vaillant explains UNDRIP and Other Things. | PPC

Interesting times ahead!