Canada Post Suspends Mail delivery to 43 Thorncliffe Park Dr. a rental purposed building in Toronto where some residents REFUSE to wear masks – December 5, 2021,

I’m personally not a fan of Canada Posts Parcel services, but this time, I actually side with Canada Post employees, although Canada Post is a Crown Corporation their workers do have rights. Whether you like it or not these draconian laws exist and all Canadians have the legal right to protect themselves from this virus.

Now, as I’ve stated in other posts, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and other medication which help to TREAT covid should be considered, but the Canadian and other governments take orders from the World Health Organization who are obviously in bed with Big Pharma and right now, the covid regulations on the economy allow Canada Post and any Canadian delivery company to avoid contact with individuals who decide not to wear masks.

In most rental purposed and commercial buildings, you’ll see signs that people would wear masks in common areas, apparently, a large enough percentage of people 43 Thorncliffe Park Dr. are refusing to do this? These regulations currently exist and unionized government people love regulations that allow them to work less.

Why I think this story is making the news, I assume is because private couriers so far haven’t done the same thing? I’m pretty sure Amazon drivers do close to the same amount of volume as Canada Post? I know at times Amazon uses Canada Post, but I guess this is where people feel irritated, we thoughts on the subject is DHL used to be Germanys Postal Service, I’m pretty sure if Germany found itself at war it would nationalize DHL, Canada Post is a Crown Corporation that for the most part makes its own deals that don’t benefit Canadians.

I write extensively in other posts about Canada Posts deal with ePacket, which has to do with Canada Posts PARCEL services which give Chinese companies a huge advantage over Canadian companies. Nothing offends me more about Canada Post than the deals Canada Post makes with foreign companies that Canadian business owners can’t benefit from.

With that said, most of these problems stem from Canada’s public education system, the lack of financial education in our schools along with the bombardment of leftwing politics, creates a lot of economic problems in Canada. I think we’re on the early stages of an economic collapse, that will probably hit people by surprise when it happens. Higher prices are actually deflationary and nothing makes life more expensive than excessive government regulations.

Mail delivery suspension an ‘absolute nightmare,’ say tenants at Thorncliffe Park apartment building |

Interesting times ahead