Canada isn’t ready for Austerity Measures: Governments need to be business-like cost-cutters – June 30, 2020,

Economics is not a boring subject, economics is boring because Keynesians have kidnapped Capitalism. The problem with Austerian economics is that it’s too simple, it’s too cut and dry, it brings to much life into civilization and human eventually want there to be a winner.

Keynesian economics creates a winner and loser scenario and the winner in a Keynesian economics model could be the laziest capitalist in the economy, but because the government found favor with this horrible capitalist during a period of deflation, this bad business person could be rewarded with government gifts.

Of course, when this happens the Liberals and the Conservative politician make light of it and both eventually agree that to make sure this lazy capitalist created by Keynesians doesn’t get rewarded again, this time the politicians will reward more people and entities and this type of politics eventually leads to the Welfare State.

Now, even Keyes couldn’t imagine a fiat monetary system, when Keynesian economics was born, there was a Gold Standard, the gold standard is gone now and this makes it even more challenging for money creation to have some integrity.

What will make money have integrity is when the cashflow numbers stop working and the cashflow numbers stop working when it’s apparent that the government will have to SERVICE its bills not via taxation but via money printing. I think Canada’s Federal government has passed that threshold already and we have near zero percent interest rates.

What this zombie economy equates to is the devaluation of the Canadian dollar. Now, let’s be clear, Canada is not the only country in this debacle, but the real problem is the size of Canada’s government, the economic policies currently in place and what I consider the most important factor which s the ENTITLEMENT CULTURE that exists in abundance in Canada.

People like me irritate even the Conservatives, because I justify the behaviors of Liberal voters because Conservative politicians throughout the years haven’t pushed back hard enough. Has anyone ever listened to Donald Trump speak before?

Donald Trump is a Democrat, what’s actually happened in the United States is that the Democrat Party is now the Socialist Party and the Republican Party is now the Keynesian Party. As a Trump supporter myself, Donald Trump irritates the Left because he mirrors them Trump doe everything the Left is known for and therefore it disarms them and forces them to give Trump one label and that’s a racist, bigot.

Well, if that’s all Trumps opposition has, he is doing a pretty good job, but in Canada, a politician behaving like Donald Trump is unimaginable, because we’re far beyond what a Democrat Party used to be, we’re fighting to have a market economy in Canada.

The market economy system in Canada is under attack, The Liberal Party of Canada have obviously embraced Corporatism, but because the government in Canada is already bloated with Crown Corporations and paid off the large private-sector corporations, what’s left of the market economy in Canada, isn’t something most Canadians even comprehend.

Once the people imagine the Government as the ruler of the economy, the culture changes. The Conservative Party of Canada does a lot of polling and their polling data has discovered that Canadians love their welfare State, Canadians love the idea that the government will be there if things go wrong!

This means austerity measures are out of the question for most Canadians, which means that Government being more like a business and cutting costs is unlikely until they’re forced to do it. When is the government forced to cut costs? Well it happened in the 1990s once the money stopped cash flowing and people stopped trusting the government.

The Reform Party despite what people will say did not lose, what happened is they gave up and merged with the Conservatives. As Maxime Bernier points out, Canada needs more politically conservative irritants. Who cares if most Canadians don’t get it, one day the economy is going to crash and that’s usually the only time masse of people start listening to Austrian economic thinkers.

But it’s always best to prepare the mind first. A person like me can appreciate the article written by Philip Cross below, but he’s preaching to the choir. One day when a Democrat destroys America, some people who hate Donald trump now, will look back at Trump and see that he really wasn’t that bad of a guy!

We need more political irritants in Canadian Politics, that’s why I support Maxime Bernier and I’ll go on record again and say that I don’t care if Trudeau wins another term, I’d actually prefer the economy crash while he’s the leader.

I often write about the Chinese people, the Chinese people similar to Jewish people for whatever reason, under whatever form of government find their way to the top of the top tiers of the economy. Why because the government is stupid, humans need government in the manner we do, because as a species we haven’t fully developed!

Government is like the training wheels and you shrink its size by educating people. Who cares if they listen to you now. My kids don’t listen to daddy, Daddy is old and doesn’t’ know what he’s talking about, things are different now, the kids tell themselves. It’s only until the government comes after them REPEATEDLY that they will understand what dad was talking about.

Anyway, I’m ranting check out the article below!

Philip Cross: Governments need to be business-like cost-cutters |

Interesting times ahead!