Canada Should Have a Private Health Care Option: The City of Windsor, Ontario employees unwilling to get vaccinated will be fired early in the new year – November 19, 2021,

In Ontario, we have a lot of politicians who imagine themselves to be authoritarians, now, if I’m, to be honest, I prefer when dumb ideas are done at the municipal level as opposed to the Federal level. We can now observe if Drew Dilkens move to fire Nurses in 2022 who aren’t vaccinated benefits the city of Windsor.

Now I personally think this will backfire, Ontario already has a nursing shortage, but hey, I’m open to being proven wrong. In regards to liberty, what I see happening is some people rethinking Universal Health Care, you have to remember that some people rarely if ever see a doctor or go to a hospital, while other people go to the hospital or doctor every chance they get.

What this means is that a lot of Canadians are paying for Health Care they’ll rarely use, while others many of whom don’t pay much in taxes or contribute much of anything to the economy via productivity reap the benefits of Universal Health Care. Now, it’s unlikely even Conservatives thought much about health care reform in Canada until now.

But now that some politicians imagining themselves to be dictators are attempting to take ownership over what people put in their bodies, it wouldn’t surprise me if people start to imagine a health care system with an alternative. Because this CURRENTLY is a Windsor-based mandate, some nurses in Windsor might stop practicing, take the jab, or move away, but what Drew Dilkens may have ignored is how future medical professionals might look at Windsor.

There are already health care staff shortages all over Canada because of mandates, Leftists have this thing about them in which they imagine regulations don’t have any consequences. One of the reasons Ontario lost so many manufacturing jobs is because of PRIOR government regulations, but you see people have short memories and because imports from China are cheaper in price, most Canadians have said good riddance to those polluting manufacturing jobs.

This stupidity usually comes back to haunt a country, during periods like this, because obviously, politicians assume that regulations have worked before so why won’t they work now? I hope people understand that government regulations have consequences!

City moves to terminate unvaccinated staff |

Interesting times ahead!