The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Canada to make changes to COVID border restrictions next week-official – February 12, 2022


In a Democracy, the blue-collar working class is actually in control, which is why Karl Marx focused his message on the working-class blue-collar worker. We’re currently in an era of Champagne Socialism, the current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau represents the Champagne socialists perfectly, and champagne socialists are pro-Big Government, Pro-Welfare State, and Pro-Corporate Welfare towards large private entities willing to do what Campaign Socialists demand.

But again, the blue-collar working class, not the government or political public sectors, allows you to enjoy the standard of living you enjoy today. I did a lot of charity work, and one of the most interesting things I discovered while doing charity work is how useless the government is in most poor countries. Even the people who vote to grow government in third-world nations hate government services. In Canada, because our private sector is so efficient, we often conflate the private sector with the public sector.

The Freedom Convoy within 2 weeks, could CRASH the economy and I remind you that the Freedom Convoy would be larger if more Canadian truckers were SELF-EMPLOYED.

In the United States, Americans are far more entrepreneurial and REBELLIOUS than Canadians, which is why I imagine Joe Biden doesn’t want the Freedom Convoy spreading to the United States I’m pretty sure by now the White House has briefed Justin Trudeau on how dumb hos response was to the protestors. This is why it appears, a compromise is in the works. I should also point out that because I have family in trucking, they told me most of Justin Trudeau’s mandates weren’t being enforced anyway

All members of my family in trucking are vaccinated, but they’ve told me several times, that Canadian border control wasn’t even enforcing Trudeau’s mandates. So again, Trudeau is mostly all talk, and he’s not as powerful as you imagine him to be.

Trudeau is becoming a laughing stock by Canada’s Blue Collar workforce, but I remind the reader that there are a lot of Canadians on Welfare, so it should surprise nobody if Trudeau wins elections, all I will say is the silent protest by blue-collar workers is a lot louder than most Canadians comprehend.!

(Reuters) -Canada is reviewing its pandemic-related border restrictions and will likely announce changes next week, as the worst of an Omicron variant-driven wave appears to have passed, Canada’s health minister said on Friday.

“With the worst of Omicron now behind us, our government is actively reviewing the measures in place at our borders and we should be able to communicate changes on this next week,” Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos told reporters.

Canada to make changes to COVID border restrictions next week-official |

Interesting times ahead!