Canada Used To Be About Peacekeeping Missions, Justin Trudeau Uses Canadian Taxpayers to boost the capacity of a key supply hub for WEAPONS to Ukraine, Left Wingers are The New Warmongers – September 25, 2022,



In the United States, if the U.S Dollar ever collapses, the U.S still has Fort Knox, and I should point out that the U.S Federal Reserve has 13,452,810.545 of Fine Troy Ounces of Gold. Meaning that although life would change for Americans if the U.S dollar lost its standing in the world, the U.S could still survive a currency collapse.

On the flip side of this argument is Canada, which clearly doesn’t consider Gold money; the Canadian government, in general, has sold off most of its gold positions, betting big on the survival of the Canadian dollar. Sure fine, whatever, but allow me to point out that Justin Trudeau has been a warmonger of sorts, coming to the aid of Ukraine in ways many of us are questioning.

Consider the following statement:

“Since the end of the Cold War, not only have allies considerably restructured their armed forces, they also don’t hold the stockpiles anymore that they used to have,” Christian Leuprecht, a political science professor at the Royal Military College of Canada, told CBC News earlier this week.

“And so, effectively, most of what you ended up giving away today comes out of your current stockpile. So this is equipment that you’re actually going to be actively short.”

Canada boosts capacity of key supply hub for weapons to Ukraine |

I hope you’re following me on this one because Putin has claimed that he will consider a Nuclear strike, make no mistake about it; Putin intends on winning this war with Ukraine, and he has the ENERGY to do it. Canada, on the flip side, has declared WAR on its domestic fossil fuel energy; Justin Trudeau and people who share his beliefs have a goal of Netzero, and for them, war with Ukraine is just an unexpected variable that caught them by surprise, and they’re going to try to solve this problem by THROWING MONEY AND RESOURCES at the problem.

If the money and resources Trudeau throw at these problems today don’t work, the attitude appears to be that they’ll find more money and more resources to throw at the Ukraine-Russia war problem later because, after all, it’s not like Putin is at war with Canada, right? No, we’re simply declaring war on Russia without actually putting all our cards on the table. Sure we’re depleting our own military stockpiles to do it, but if this war escalates, we’ll worry about that later.

In the past, I knew Canada to be the peacekeeping nation, but now we’re picking winners and losers as if NATO didn’t provoke Russia to protect its own borders or people. I’m not a fan of all of these multilateral agreements that force countries into wars, that feed the war machines because, after all, it’s not like Canada purchasing weapons for their military is FREE. No, these weapons manufacturers demand payment for what they do, the government is s great customer that usually sends weapons manufacturers money without negotiating, and this creates an atmosphere for some to keep these wars going.

The leader of Ukraine is basically barking orders at NATO allies without being a member of NATO; you see how that works? This is why I don’t like these multilateral agreements. Anyway, the news is out there; Canada is draining its stockpiles for the benefit of Ukraine, and I remind the reader that Russia could end this war anytime it feels like it, and there’s nothing Canada or the U.S can do about it.

Western Europe, because of it’s reliance on Russian gas, can’t even get energy to its own people, so I hope people keep that in mind in the event Russia decides to get even more aggressive with Ukraine and even potentially makes threats to NATO allies. Canada, in my opinion, would be better served remaining neutral, I’m not against INDIVIDUALS from Canada wanting to fight for Ukraine, but Canada has NO strategic interests in picking sides in this war. We’re warmongering for the sake of warmongering, and I disagree with this position.

Canada boosts capacity of key supply hub for weapons to Ukraine |

CBC News reported earlier this week Ukraine has written to the Canadian government to request armoured vehicles, howitzers and winter clothing.

Canada has promised to deliver 39 armoured troop carriers, and Anand said she’d be meeting with industry partners in Canada to talk about the issue of supply.

Interesting times ahead!