Canada’s Current Prime Minister Joins Joe Biden’s Sinking skip – says Russia to blame for sky-high prices? Dumb idea if you ask me, he could have said NOTHING – June 23, 2022,

A lot of Trudeau’s supporters, a lot of Left-wing supporters in general, are either wealthy, on welfare, or believers in wealth redistribution. In the United States, the Democrat Party is HEAVILY dependent on the working class. The Republican Party is still viewed as the political Party for the elites in the United States. In Canada, The Conservatives and the NDP jockey for the working-class voter. The welfare voters, turn to the Liberals, meaning that Justin Trudeau doesn’t have to blame anybody for anything.

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He could opt to say NOTHING on Inflation and if he’s being politically correct, simply call what Putin is doing as unnecessary. But, clearly, it appears that The World Economic Forum has something to do with Justin Trudeau’s talking points, whether it’s his speech writer or certain idea’s being drilled into his head, I’ve noticed a pattern between Trudeau and Biden.

Federal government scrambles to address hordes of passport applicants at overwhelmed offices |

They appear to be repeating similar talking points, and certainly, there’s a reason for it. Biden has been attempting to label record-high inflation on “Putin’s Price Hike”, and now you’re seeing Justin Trudeau attempt to do the same thing. My thing is when I’m outside, sure Canadians don’t like record-high inflation, but a lot of Canadians have gotten paid for the last two years for doing NOTHING, and they know it’s time to pay the piper, furthermore as I like to point out, people on welfare, don’t care about price inflation.

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Sure if you’re reliant on government money, you don’t like your standard of living declining, but a declining standard of living is far better than actually having to do a job you don’t like. The Angus Reid poll that tracks Trudeau has him around the same polling numbers in Canada. A reminder if you check out the poll that Trudeau only won a little over 33% of the vote in the 2021 election, he hasn’t been popular since he legalized Weed, what he has been, is very strategic.

Approve/Disapprove of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau |

In Canada, nobody disputes Justin Trudeau won the last election, but he lost the popular vote TWICE, and he lost it to 2 VERY weak Conservative candidates. So in regards to the messaging, it’s exposing Trudeau to more people digging for dirt. He’s the Prime minister and people hang on to his every word, I have no idea, why his people felt the need to comment on inflation.


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What he needs to comment on is what’s currently happening at Canadian PASSPORT offices and Airports, which are all under FEDERAL government jurisdiction. A lot of Canadians did EXACTLY what Justin Trudeau told them to do and got the jab, in the video below, you’l notice a woman with PURPLE hair waiting days for her passport. Maybe this woman is a PPC or Conservative Party of Canada supporter, I’m not sure, but usually funky hair on Caucasians is associated with leftists.

a lot of Leftists who obviously are cheerleaders for left-wing causes, do what their Left-Wing leader tells them to do. Trudeau says to get a job and life for you will return back to normal, that’s what they do. But Trudeau lazily is not fulfilling his part of the bargain, you have to remember Canadians lost 2 FULL summers, so you’d think a caring Prime Minister would be eager to rally support would make it easy for his supporters to travel.

If Trudeau had his supporters back regarding travel, he could have said only if you didn’t get the jab, are you stuck at home, but no, as it’s easy to see, Trudeau is only good at THROWING MONEY at problems, which oddly enough is Joe Biden’s problem. Most Left Wingers never owned a business, so it’s hard for them to CONCEPTALIZE how government regulations can cause all sorts of unexpected problems.

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I’m told, all the Federal workers are back? But I know how these things work as a former employee myself, what typically happens, is if the government adds new COVID procedures that must be followed, employees are going to follow ALL the procedures and/or NOT SHOW UP to work all the time. More regulations equate to more excuses not to show up to work and more reasons why you CAN’T be fired.

Spending money is easy, every time Trudeau is in a press conference he’s spending money his government doesn’t have, but that’s what Leftists do, where Leftists struggle is ACTUALLY solving problems, they talk a good game, but their ideas in practice are often disastrous.

Trudeau pledges $250M in food aid, says Russia to blame for sky-high prices |

Interesting times ahead!