Canada’s economy added 104,000 jobs in December 2022 but 8.1% of employees were absent due to illness and there weren’t a lot more goods and services being produced – January 8, 2023,


If I’m to be honest, when I read the headline “Canada’s economy added 104,000 jobs in December” I thought to myself yes, I believe it, Canadians still celebrate Christmas I thought companies would have done massive hiring in anticipation of the Christmas shopping rush, unfortunately, this it turns out was NOT the main reason for massive job gains, one of the reasons for job gains in December 2022 was employees absenteeism.


Currently, in Canada, about 60 of the voters are Left Wingers and it’s for this reason that I point to the mainstream media outlets in Canada attempting to cash in on these left-wingers many of who only read headlines and don’t read the actual articles. The headline of the article I point to in this post made sure it stated “Canada’s economy added 104,000 jobs in December” but in the body of the article it describes the reasons for the job gains.


“So it meant that, yes, a lot more Canadians had jobs, but there wasn’t a lot more goods and services being produced,” Mendes said.

“I think we’re gonna have to live with these inefficiencies in the economy for some time.”

Canada’s economy added 104,000 jobs in December, blowing well past expectations |

People who think similarly to how I think would assume these 100K+ jobs more mostly Public sector or public sector-derived jobs(State Owned Crown Corporations not included as public sector jobs or employers who have private businesses that are 100% dependent on government contracts), but it turns out apparently that these jobs were private, which by the way is believable to me in DECEMBER(Christmas).

Absenteeism fueling the need for employers to REPLACE existing employees, who let’s be honest, might be taking advantage of covid-19 regulations, that allow them to take more sick days based on the new laws of the land. Before you start picking on Canadian employees, the employment situation in Mainland China is even worse because they have a ZERO covid policy and their government encourages people to stay home if they feel ANY symptoms of covid-19.

However, Canada has a far more GENEROUS welfare State than China, which is one of the reasons I assume a contributor to the post I point to make sure they added the words ” a lot more Canadians had jobs, but there wasn’t a lot more goods and services being produced,”. Imagine if you’re an employer you’re having to pay for the workers not contributing to the growth of your country as well as being forced to pay to TRAIN new employees at a higher wage rate.

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For most Canadian companies, prices are up, but profit margins are down; why? Because consumers are often reluctant to pay higher prices, and instead of paying higher prices, most consumers will instead opt to “live without” something. If I’m, to be honest, I can’t tell you the last time I went to a restaurant.

I have a lot of medical professionals in my family, and they warn me about how easy it is to transmit viruses at restaurants, the last time I went to a restaurant was on a family member’s birthday. Now, imagine a restaurant owner having to pay for a sick employee and hiring and training a new employee?

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The writer of the article I point to also points out that they believe “we’re gonna have to live with these inefficiencies in the economy for some time.” To me this sounds like more CONSUMER PRICE INFLATION.

In closing I have to point out that in September 2022, I read an article I point to below that stated statistics confirm that the government sector—not the private sector—has driven job growth since 2020. it goes onto say “But the government sector created 366,800 of those 422,900 new jobs. The private sector (including self-employment) is responsible for just 56,100 net new jobs.”

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To those of you unaware, the private sector PAYS for the wages and jobs of the public sector. Without adequate tax collection, all branches of government in Canada have to BORROW money to pay the wages of these newly hired government employees, which better helps you the reader, to understand why the National debt under Justin Trudeau is now in the TRILLIONS of dollars and counting.

Job growth in private sector remains weak despite rosy headlines |

Canadian conservatives like to poke fun at the U.S. State of California, which by the way, has more PEOPLE than all of Canada, but not even California is in as much debt as Canada. I have to also mention that SHRINKING the size of government is considered an AUSTERITY measure, and will cause job numbers to come WAY down, so with all of these VOTERS dependent on a government wage or government welfare; you can see how Justin Trudeau(liberal) and Jagmeet Singh(NDP) could squeak out an election victory based on vote buying.

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When I look at Canada for what it is right now, even if Trudeau loses the upcoming election, systematically, Canada’s economy is in heap loads of trouble, which for me will equate to the DOMESTIC purchasing power of the Canadian dollar, potentially losing even more purchasing power.

I’ve stated n prior posts that Pierre Poilievre would be wise NOT to blame the central bank for these problems because if Pierre Poilievre beats Trudeau in a snap election and assumes lowering interest rates without MASSIVE austerity will fix the economy, he’s got it all wrong. Similar to Liz Truss when she miscalculated the problem, it’s not as simple as merely lowering interest rates and removing some red tape; there will also be a lag, which will lead to political unrest.

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I also assume the NDP and Liberals will join forces to push back against a Conservative government agenda, which on the surface, already sounds flimsy. If I were Pierre Poilievre, I’d be saying LESS about what I’d do and stay on the attack with the Liberal government because the Canadian economy in it’s current state is 100% reliant on government subsidies, and that’s scary because of Canada’s DEPENDENCE on imports.

Interesting times ahead!