Canada’s Federal Government Continues to Pile on the Regulations: During a period of labour shortages Liberals eye easing access to maternity, parental leave – December 2, 2021,


I remember listening to some idiot labor union representatives a while back who were trying to justify public sector waste. By waste I mean the amount of unionized public sector workers abusing government regulations afforded to them. Most of the waste in the public sector was due in large part to women entering into the workforce. The public sector employee was pointing out that women tend to maximize their paid sick days more than men.

Well, duh, as most men know, women were late arrivals into most modern jobs. For many of us, we regard male union laborers as girly men, because they had to run to the government to get themselves a pay raise. Western culture is rooted in FREEDOM and LIBERTY is supposed to equate to humans breaking the shackles of slavery, meaning that if my employer is being unfair to me I QUIT! “Middle finger to the boss, screw you and your piece of shit job, you’re a cheapskate I’m not coming back.”

Idiot Leftists who are masters at brainwashing have completely changed the concept of freedom, no the idiot Leftists argue, we will unionize and force the evil employer to pay us more, then we will go to the government for even more perks. This is beyond silly, Canada’s Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough of course, trying to make a name for herself and justify the need of her silly highly paid government position is merely doing what idiot leftists do, add more unnecessary regulations to the economy. “Girl Power yeah!”

Liberals eye easing access to maternity, parental leave in EI review, minister says |

Children spend all of this time in public schools and there are no courses to teach them how to negotiate higher pay? I’ll give you a free tip, hard work is hard to find, and if you’re a hard worker, and you have options to find a job that pays you more money after you’ve shown your worth and gained some experience with your current employer, that’s when you ask them for a pay increase, if your boss refuses, start looking for a better paying job.

What’s that you say? The cost of living is too high?Well, my dear financial moron, have you asked yourself why the cost of living is so high?I assume you imagine government people like Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough work for free? Well, my dear ignorant reader, in 2019 the Employment Minister was making CA$269,800 per year, which means Carla Qualtrough makes at least $22,483.33 PER month.

Now imagine multiplying Carla Qualtrough’s monthly salary of at least $22,483.34 per month a few thousand times and you’d better understand why the cost of living is so high, what’s that you argue, it’s not that much money, well, let’s not forget taxpayers are also responsible for these government people’s pensions? Meaning that if you consider what Carla Qualtrough does as work, I’d like to remind you that you will also be responsible for her financial well-being when she no longer works. Now that this is established I hope you have a better understanding as to why these silly regulatory laws are passed.

While you do all the heavy lifting, these politicians continue to enrich themselves, when I write about austerity measures, I do so in the hopes people understand that technology should have equated to fewer government regulations in our lives, instead, these government people continue to pile on the regulations, most employers don’t make $22,483.34 per month. I think for a Mcdonald’s Franchise owner, it will take them 10 years to make a million dollars, Carla Qualtrough could clear that amount($269,800) within 5 years?

Remember that Carla Qualtrough is a consumer of your taxes, not a contributor, I like to remind people that Government people don’t pay taxes, any taxes government people pay come from money they already taxed from Canada’s private sector. Furthermore, government people also receive a pension at taxpayers’ expense.

As a free society, if a woman get pregnant, she shouldn’t need to explain anything to her boss, the cost of living is high in Canada because of a lot fo these stupid government regulations. Carbon taxes are the perfect example of stupid government regulations? The cost of living goes up to appease some arbitrary government agenda? Your energy, food, labour, transportation costs go up because the climate is changing?

Because of stupid regulations like the minimum wage, and other stupid government regulations that a home camera now fixes, parents can’t hire a babysitter when they go to work. No, now you need to pay for an expensive daycare? The government goes to war with foreigners who could be doing child care for Canadians.

If we’re going to be importing all of these foreigners, why are we putting them on welfare? At the very least they should be working, but oh yeah, the government needs votes and therefore the government gets more people on welfare so more people will vote to keep the cost of living high. Anyway, what’s happening in Canada tends to lead to ruin, labor shortages are usually the first sign of an empire on the decline.

Interesting times ahead