Canada’s employment rate soars above pre-pandemic levels 🤔🤷 – December 4, 2021

I have to be honest I stopped reading Canadian statistics since the pandemic began, once it became apparent to me that the numbers were being intentionally manipulated. Sad to say, but even when the government might be telling the truth I assume they’re lying. I live in Toronto and I drive and traffic used to be a huge problem where I live prior to the pandemic and right now, I still see fewer cars on the road.

What I’ll say is grocery stores appear to have more people working there as does Costco. Whenever I go to Costco I see a new face at the cash register, so I do not deny that the numbers could be true, it’s just that I no longer trust government data. Our current world is so politicized and the mainstream media can’t be trusted.

I think what Leftists have done to Canada is very sad. Evidence suggests that CERB stopped as led to people having to return to work, well that would actually equate to deflation for the Canadian economy if these people don’t get a pay increase, because with CERB people were being paid to be unproductive and although I’m not sure how it all works, but don’t CERB recipients have to pay income taxes?

When they were saying Canadians were saving more money, well yea, Working Canadians would have a hell of a lot more money if they’re weren’t paying income taxes for the government to waste. You have to remember that even though the Canadian government collects income taxes, it’s still in debt and has to borrow money into existence.

So if CERB recipients have to repay income taxes? that money they were “saving” is going to be less, making matters worse are all the debt deferrals, the Canadian government bailed out the housing market with mortgage payment deferrals and now Canadians are seeing a rise in the value of their homes, whereas renters will soon see a rise in rents? There are more renters than homeowners, so again this is deflation on the economy. Higher prices equate to more money being used to purchase fewer goods and services.

It’s not like these homeowners with higher valued homes are helping the economy either, higher home prices equate to higher prices for business people looking to lease space, which ultimately leads to higher prices for consumers. There are a lot of deflationary signals for the Canadian economy that is being ignored if these job numbers are true. Lastly of course there are higher energy prices, it costs more to go to work now? Higher energy prices cost inflation to occur in everything. So we’ll just have to see what happens with that.

Interesting times ahead