Canada’s Job Vacancy Rate Hits Record High; Here’s Where The Jobs Are – August 10, 2018,

The problem with socialist leftist policies are the people that adhere to them believing that College equates to a job in the field you spent 4 years or more studying. The fact that Canada has job vacancies and unemployment should tell you something, especially when Canada is known for its generous welfare programs. Below is a link to the Huffington Post article


Canada’s Job Vacancy Rate Hits Record High; Here’s Where The Jobs Are


So what’s really going on here?

Leftist indoctrination often leads to leftist thinkers alike only focusing on social change. So what you’ll find is a lot of Leftist in college or University taking subjects that don’t lead to jobs. You also have a lot of Canadians that can’t hold a job because a lot of Canadians have never had a job until after graduating from College or University. So when they actually graduate from school and go into their field of study they’re shocked by how hard the work really is.

Business in Canada has become very accommodating, primarily because they know good help is hard to find. Which oddly enough leads to higher pay rates for employees. This is why in my opinion the minimum wage laws in all provinces should be abolished, I also believe that Universities and Colleges need to do a better job meeting the demands of the private sector. It’s way too common for many of these vacant jobs to have thousands of eager students stuck on a waiting list to try to get the offered course at Canadian colleges and Universities. Most colleges know this, yet the schools won’t hire any more teachers because well… you know Teachers want more money.

Furthermore, because of the heavily regulatory tax fueled environment, the private sectors in many ways don’t want the liabilities of training new staff. For obvious reasons, Quebec leads the charge when it comes to job vacancies in Canada. Quebec is known for its high taxes and tough regulations on businesses, also because of Quebec’s leftist friendly history, a lot of companies are reluctant to start new businesses. Many citizens of Quebec have high expectations of their employers which obviously leads to the labor shortage.

There’s nothing wrong with having high expectations of your employers however it’s important that Canadians are reminded of the privileges we enjoy because of the private sector. Because a large number of us benefit greatly because of the protections afforded to us, like a frog in warm boiling water it’s hard for us to notice when manufacturing jobs start leaving Canada. It’s hard for us to notice when we’re becoming increasingly dependent on imports, these things happen gradually.

The real question Canadians should be asking is why are there Job Vacancies in the first place?

The job vacancies exist in Canada for the same reasons why the real estate markets in Vancouver and Toronto are so high. In real estate as an example, Condo’s are being built for real estate investors and not Canadian families so the detached real estate market in Vancouver and Toronto has exploded because there really is a lack of housing for large Canadian families. One would assume developers would build condos in Toronto or Vancouver to accommodate Canadian families, but developers don’t because if they did, prices would fall, instead developers build condos to appease real estate investors. In other words, there is no demand for the current housing supply

How this relates to Canada’s Job Vacancy Rate Hits Record High; Here’s Where The Jobs Are is that Canadian colleges and Universities are meeting the demands of the private sector. So, again there is no demand for the current jobs being supplied by the schools. The real question to ask when you figure this out is how did this happen? Well most of us in Canada were raised to be employees, not employers.

We were indoctrinated by unionized public teachers that made sure they would be paid regardless of their performance. This, of course, leads to only a handful of people on the teacher’s boards investigating the needs of the private sector. When you’re guaranteed a wage and benefits once you meet the minimum requirements of being an educator, most teachers won’t don’t what most of us in the private sector have to do, which is meet the demands of the market we’re serving.

This, of course, leads to a lot of students who wind up being 40+ years old having no clear purpose in life. suicide rates in Canada are around 10 per day and Suicide rates among Canadian women are rising faster than men. It’s unclear why. One theory is that this concept of freedom revolves around being your own boss. The regulatory environment, socialism, leftism creates zombies in the state who grow up in a world filled with limits. we want to save everybody, we want to help everybody, this type of thinking leads to people being suicidal. We should be encouraging a world of abundance, love, competition, self-ownership, self-empowerment, and volunteerism. Leftism is playing the role of a parent who is trying to take all the risks away from the child. So the child becomes an adult and is basically a lamb surrounded by Lions.

As business goes global, what’s starting to happen is that the aggressive who in many instances aren’t that smart are becoming world leaders and they’re teaching new generations to mimic their self-destructive life patterns and because many of the youth have been so coddled they’re not prepared for an ever-evolving world. Leftist usually don’t even teach the importance of the free market to society so if you were to try and explain this stuff to 30 years old indoctrinated by leftist political and social beliefs he’d excuse it and find a way to blame his/her problems on external forces.

This type of external blame thinking has been around for a long time, my hope is that things change for the better in the future.

Interesting times ahead.